Good Afternoon,

Thank you for joining us last night at Open House. I enjoyed meeting you. I want to let you know that if you signed up for a Thursday November 6th conference, the date is incorrect, it’s actually Thursday November 8th.

Book bags started trickling out this week and everyone will have one by next week.

Today in math we worked on making 6. I sent home flashcards they can make to show ways to make 6 using number bonds. It says Homework on it, you do not have to return it. They can keep it and practice from it. If you know your child is good with making 6, you can use them to make harder ones if you like, it will be good making number bonds practice.

Wednesday the 19th, is a late start day so arrive at 9:35 am. I will start their Math NWEA test that morning after art.

We do not have a librarian as of yet but when we do, book check out for us is on Tuesday’s.

Monday-Physical Education          Tuesday-Music and Library checkout/return

Wednesday-Art     Thursday-Media and Music    Friday-Enrichment

Best way to contact me is through or a note on their behavior/reading log.

Spelling List will be posted on Fridays, just click on “spelling list”

Have a Great Weekend!!!

Thank you for….

Good Morning Parents,

I just want to say “thank you” for all you have done this year. Whether it was a gift to show gratitude, a warm hello in the morning, helping in the classroom, arranging parties, chaperoning field trips, dropping off your child’s lunch he/she forgot, helping them with their homework, and most of all the great job you have done raising your child. The group I have had this year has been the most respectful, kind, and hardworking group I have ever had.  Enjoy your summer with them. They grow so fast!!!


Mrs. Kearney


For real, flower pot raffle tickets are in their folder today.

Students shopped at the 5th grade mall today so they have some trinkets in their backpacks.

Field Trip Tuesday. If you are a chaperone meet in our room at 9:00 am.

Please pack a paper/plastic bag lunch with disposables. Students may wear a hat to keep the sun out of their eyes. Because of my allergy to scented products I will be providing the students with unscented sunscreen. If you do not want them to wear any please send me a note.

Math Test Monday-Today we have done the Math test review in class. Please have students study over the weekend.



Flower pot raffle

Good Morning,

A note will be sent home today in regards to a flower pot raffle. I have two of them that the students painted and planted together (we were synergizing-Habit 6 of Leader in Me).  Here is a copy of the note.

Dear Parents,

Room 29 has two large flower pots with flowers in them (you may have seen them near the entrance the students use for arrival and dismissal), that I’d like to raffle off for them to take home. The pots have been painted and planted by the kids.  They will need to be picked up by you if your child’s name is pulled. If your child is allowed to enter the drawing please write his/her name below and sign yours. Return by Monday June 4th.  I will do the drawing that day. They will be ready to go home by Tuesday the 5th.

Student Name________________  Parent Signature________________

Welcome Back…AND busy week next week

Hope you were able to keep cool these past 4 days. Just want to mention upcoming events. Next Tuesday the 5th is our field trip to Greenfield Village.  On June 6th, from 9am-11am K-2 has field day. If you would like to sign up just check out the school blog and look for sign up genius.  Also, next Friday is the school picnic from 5pm-7pm.

NWEA-We finished NWEA testing and students did an awesome job! Their fall to spring growth is in their folder.





Please help us fill the First Grade “Day at the Beach”  raffle basket for the PTA Fair.

Dear Parents,

The first grade will be responsible for putting together a theme basket for our picnic raffle on June 8th.  Our theme for the basket will be “A Day at the Beach.”  I would like each student to bring a contribution to our basket.  Examples would be beach towel, sand toys, toy boat, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, beach ball, etc.  This is our first grade classroom student project, although participation is not mandatory, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please have children bring their contribution for our basket to school by Tuesday, May 29th.  Thank you for your cooperation and contribution and be creative and have fun!

A hard copy has been sent home as well.

Next week we will take at least 1 NWEA test maybe 2.  They will be given on Tuesday and Thursday ( I’ll see what their focus seems like on Thursday, if good we will do it, otherwise it will be the next Tuesday)

Field Trip forms were sent home yesterday. They are due back on May 21, 2018.

We got caterpillars today for our life science unit. They are very excited!!

Enjoy your weekend



Book Swap Message from Mrs. Bush!

Calling all Leaders!

Let’s Read!!!


As part of Snow Elementary Leader In Me Program, we are asking you, our fabulous students, to reach out in our community to help others.  If you’d like to be a part of the Snow Book Share, simply go through your gently used books or magazines and donate them to our Snow School Book Share.  Over the next 2 weeks organize your bookshelves at home and donate your unwanted books or magazines. Then on

May 1,2 and 3, 2018 we will have a Book Swap before and after school.  Each book will cost $0.25 and you can bring home new books to read.

Please bring your book donations to the bin in the office or outside Mrs. Bush’s office starting tomorrow.  Leaders think Win/Win and by organizing your books and donating them you are giving a friend the opportunity to read something new.  That is a Win/Win


Nicole Bush

Instructional Coach
Snow Elementary

Picture Day and Care to the Core Poetry Homework


Just a reminder, Spring Picture Day is tomorrow for students who are purchasing pictures only.

Students also have the opportunity to write a poem for a poetry contest per K-5 classrooms. A winner from each room will be chosen and will read their poem on Monday at an assembly here at Snow. Directions, along with a Rubric to the guide them is being sent home today.  Make sure the poem is original,  their words, you can help a little by discussing ideas and guiding them by asking them questions to help put words down. Today we reviewed the characteristics of Poems-rhyming words, repeated words, has rhythm ,  can be any length or shape, etc…  We then wrote two sample poems together, one about bullying and the other about being a leader…You can go over the Rubric to help as well.

I’ll be sending math tests home tomorrow as we have 3 make-ups to do today.

Here is a copy of what has been posted on the school Blog about Care to the Core.

On Monday, April 23, every Dearborn Public School will highlight the great ways their school is working to create a safe school environment during the first-ever “Care to the Core Day.” Each school will participate in an activity or program that demonstrates programs that are centered on helping students resolve conflicts, understanding the impact of their behaviors, and creating a safer school environment.

Snow Elementary School will also be taking place in the festivities with a guest speaker talking to our school community, Mr. Ali Sayed.  Ali is the Founder and CEO of HYPE Athletics Community, the highly popular organization that offers athletics, fitness, education and social services to the entire Metro-Detroit area including but not limited to Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, etc.  Ali is also a member of the Dearborn Education Foundation, an officer position he has held for almost 10 years on the Board of Directors.  Ali is also a proud graduate of Dearborn High School where he graduated from in 1999.  

In addition, Snow Elementary School will be also be taking part in a “Care to the Core” Poem Contest, whereby students in grades K-5 will be able to write a poem to be shared during our assembly on being a leader and being an Upstander.  We encourage you to work with your child to create a poem that they would be proud to share in front of the entire school community on this day.  Here is the rubric:

Lastly, on this day, everyone school-wide will wear blue to take a stand against bullying and encourage acceptance, kindness and leadership.

The event is from 2:15 p.m. till 3:15 p.m.

Yours in Education,

Mrs. Amal Alcodray – Principal