100th day and Valentine’s Day

Good Afternoon,

On Wednesday February 13, we will be celebrating the 100th day of school. If you want your child to dress up like a 100 year old you may do that. I have some  activities planned for that day.

For Valentine’s Day, because it is a half day (and all those snow days) we will be quick, with time to pass out cards and candy and watch a short movie. We have 19 kids in the classroom.

Report Cards and Homework


Report cards have been sent home today so check with your child. Daddy Daughter Dance invites went home as well. I have sent home a spelling packet which covers yesterday’s homework, today’s, and tomorrow’s homework. If there is school tomorrow they don’t have to do tomorrow’s homework until then.

Stay Warm…

NWEA…and a little more


I felt like we were hardly here this week. Students finished NWEA reading last week and this week we completed the math. I was very pleased with how they did on both. Have them keep going on Moby Max for math and reading, iready for reading, and Zearn for math. It does help them. Also, thank you for making sure they are doing their homework and for everything else you do.  All your support has made a positive difference, not just in performance but in how they act in the classroom, how they treat others, and how independent they are becoming. I’m not sure when report cards will be here. I checked my mailbox during my prep, and then at lunch, they were not in there. If they arrived after that, you will be getting them on Monday.


Have a Great Weekend!


Math test tomorrow


I just want to let we know they are coming home with a completed math test review. Feel free to go over it with them and/or give them some similar problems to work on if you feel they could use a little more practice.

P.S. Not only do we have a half day on Friday and off on Monday, we also have a half day on Tuesday.

We are going to finish up our reading NWEA today and will begin the Math one next week, probably Wednesday. Then they can breathe again for awhile.

NWEA, Math, and SS tests

Good Morning,

We’ve got a busy week of testing starting tomorrow, (Monday) with the reading NWEA test. I will give the math one next week. We also have a social studies test coming up this week and a mid module math test. I will be reviewing for both of these this with them this week. Also, we will be spending this week learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. by reading about him and doing activities. If you have a chance to speak to your child about the pivotal role he played in the United States in regard to race, peace, tolerance, and love, please do so as it will give them some prior knowledge to build upon.

Thursday is skate night.

Friday is a half day, spelling test included 😉

SS homework tonight


Welcome back! Hope you all had a safe and happy two weeks! Students are bringing home a short social studies homework assignment. If you could sit with them and brainstorm some answers together that would be great. It is due tomorrow. 1-8-19.

Also thank you for all the gifts (in case students lost their thank you note 😉   I truly appreciate your kindness and generosity.

Math Test and Math meeting at 3pm today if you have questions about the program

Good Morning,

Math tests are going home today. Sorry for the delay, I was unsure how to go about grading it and then found that Eureka Math has a rubric for scoring the tests, so that is what I used to score their tests. If you have a chance, go over the test with your child.

Reminder: There is a math meeting today in our room at 3:00 pm if you have any math questions come on by.


Readworks website

Good Morning,

Yesterday the students were taught how to use Readworks.org.  This website provides articles that I assign for them to read. There are questions they can answer as well for most all of them. The site assigns a due date, you can just ignore that. This is not homework, just another resource they can use to practice reading. They can count this as part of their reading log minutes. They have it as a choice during daily 5 as well. Yesterday and today they are learning to take notes by writing down some interesting facts they learn from the article. Some of the articles also have them focus on a vocabulary word.