Book Swap Message from Mrs. Bush!

Calling all Leaders!

Let’s Read!!!


As part of Snow Elementary Leader In Me Program, we are asking you, our fabulous students, to reach out in our community to help others.  If you’d like to be a part of the Snow Book Share, simply go through your gently used books or magazines and donate them to our Snow School Book Share.  Over the next 2 weeks organize your bookshelves at home and donate your unwanted books or magazines. Then on

May 1,2 and 3, 2018 we will have a Book Swap before and after school.  Each book will cost $0.25 and you can bring home new books to read.

Please bring your book donations to the bin in the office or outside Mrs. Bush’s office starting tomorrow.  Leaders think Win/Win and by organizing your books and donating them you are giving a friend the opportunity to read something new.  That is a Win/Win


Nicole Bush

Instructional Coach
Snow Elementary

Picture Day and Care to the Core Poetry Homework


Just a reminder, Spring Picture Day is tomorrow for students who are purchasing pictures only.

Students also have the opportunity to write a poem for a poetry contest per K-5 classrooms. A winner from each room will be chosen and will read their poem on Monday at an assembly here at Snow. Directions, along with a Rubric to the guide them is being sent home today.  Make sure the poem is original,  their words, you can help a little by discussing ideas and guiding them by asking them questions to help put words down. Today we reviewed the characteristics of Poems-rhyming words, repeated words, has rhythm ,  can be any length or shape, etc…  We then wrote two sample poems together, one about bullying and the other about being a leader…You can go over the Rubric to help as well.

I’ll be sending math tests home tomorrow as we have 3 make-ups to do today.

Here is a copy of what has been posted on the school Blog about Care to the Core.

On Monday, April 23, every Dearborn Public School will highlight the great ways their school is working to create a safe school environment during the first-ever “Care to the Core Day.” Each school will participate in an activity or program that demonstrates programs that are centered on helping students resolve conflicts, understanding the impact of their behaviors, and creating a safer school environment.

Snow Elementary School will also be taking place in the festivities with a guest speaker talking to our school community, Mr. Ali Sayed.  Ali is the Founder and CEO of HYPE Athletics Community, the highly popular organization that offers athletics, fitness, education and social services to the entire Metro-Detroit area including but not limited to Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, etc.  Ali is also a member of the Dearborn Education Foundation, an officer position he has held for almost 10 years on the Board of Directors.  Ali is also a proud graduate of Dearborn High School where he graduated from in 1999.  

In addition, Snow Elementary School will be also be taking part in a “Care to the Core” Poem Contest, whereby students in grades K-5 will be able to write a poem to be shared during our assembly on being a leader and being an Upstander.  We encourage you to work with your child to create a poem that they would be proud to share in front of the entire school community on this day.  Here is the rubric:

Lastly, on this day, everyone school-wide will wear blue to take a stand against bullying and encourage acceptance, kindness and leadership.

The event is from 2:15 p.m. till 3:15 p.m.

Yours in Education,

Mrs. Amal Alcodray – Principal

Math Test Friday


Are you loving the Spring weather???? A math study guide has been sent home for homework. It is due tomorrow and the test will be given on Friday. I’ve given them some support with number 17 as a few students are having a little trouble with those. We will review the study guide in class tomorrow as well.

We have a new student named Elias that we welcomed today! The kids have been helping him acclimate. 🙂

Book Fair and Spring Concert Tomorrow

Good Evening,

Tomorrow we will be going to the Book Fair during our library time. If you’d like your child to buy a book send him/her with cash.  We will not be returning library books tomorrow. Also K/1st grade spring concert tomorrow. First graders will perform 2nd at 6:30pm. Send them to our room at 6:15pm.

Thanks for coming to our Literacy Night, it was nice seeing some of you!

Literacy Night-Monday

Please join us on Monday March 26, 2018.

4 : 1 5 P M t o 5 : 1 0 P M

Room 15
Book walk +
book giveaway

Room 19
Toss & blend

Jump rope/
headbands game

Room 16
Sight word

Room 9

Room 1
Word Race

Room 25

Room 24

Room 8
Musical Chairs

Room 14
Acrostic poems

Room 7
Read aloud


Round 1: 4:15 – 4:35
Round 2: 4:35 – 4:55
Round 3: 4:55 – 5:10

Snow Elementary will be holding a Literacy Night event on Monday, March 26 at 4:15 pm. The
Centers and room numbers are listed above. Once you sign in your child’s name in the main
lobby, you will be given a punch card that will allow you to visit three centers of your
choice. Popcorn and drinks will be on sale for a $1 each in the cafeteria beginning at 3:40.
Come have a snack and register for Literacy Night. Students must be accompanied by a parent at all times.

Recycled Materials

Good Morning,

I’d like the students to design Leprechaun Traps next Friday so we can try to catch one over the weekend. Can you send in a shoe box or two or three (for students who may not have one) if you have them. Also, recycled plastics like small containers (yogurt, sour cream etc…) paper towel/toilet paper rolls, and other items you think might work for the trap. They will be putting them on their desk at the end of the day, so nothing too large.  Hopefully the Leprechauns will cause some ruckus over the weekend 😉  Due Thursday the 13th.

Thank You!!!

Valentine’s Day and 100th Day


Did Room 29 enjoy their Snow Day?!?!  I hope they had a chance to play outside. They’ve been having a lot of indoor recess lately so they probably enjoyed it if they did. Valentine’s Day is next Wednesday.  If you would like to send in cards/treats there are 18 students. Our 100th day celebration will be on Friday of next week as well. If you would like you can make a poster of 100 things. You can turn it into a design or put items into groups or 10, or fill in the number 100 with items of your choice on the board. Or you can design a t-shirt with 100 of something, fingerprints, letters, ribbons, or whatever you can think of. This is not a homework assignment just a project you can do with your child if you like. I haven’t talked to them about it yet but will on Monday and I will let them know it’s optional. We will be celebrating the 100th as an extension of our math block.