Please Read…Eureka Math video help for parents and students

Good Morning, If you need help reteaching your child any of the module one lessons, or just the one that was sent home for homework, just click on the menu bar (if on your computer) and click on the tab labeled Parent Eureka Math Videos and follow the instructions. If you are on your cell phone click on “menu” at the top of the screen and you can access them from there. You can watch them and then reteach or have your child watch it as a review from the day’s lesson.

Mid Module Math Assessment


I just want to let you know that tomorrow we will be reviewing for a mid module (yay! half way through module one) math test. I will be giving the test on Monday since Friday is a half day and I have to give the spelling test. They also have a special in the morning on Friday so too much testing in a small period of time. They will take the review home with them, so if you have some time go over it with them on Sunday, please do so.

Reminder: Picture Day is October 15th.

Have a Great Evening,

Mrs. Kearney

A couple dates

Sept. 27 Popcorn Day-Order slips are usually sent home from the PTA before the date.

Oct. 2 National Walk to School Day

I am very happy to say that all of our testing (DRA’s, iready, NWEA’s ), goal setting for data folders, and learning how to get on Zearn, NWEA, iready etc…is officially over for now, and we can get back into our routines and curriculum.

Please remember to send them with gym shoes on Wednesday for P.E. class.

I have an updated spelling list on the blog now incase you want to get started on the weekend or their original spelling sheet gets misplaced.

Have a Great Weekend,

Mrs. Kearney

Library and Zearn

Good Afternoon, tomorrow is library day (every Tuesday) so have them bring their library book back tomorrow. I have sent home their log on information for Zearn. Zearn math supports our Eureka math program. They go on every morning for morning work and if they’d like to go on at home them may. The note mentions small group instruction, however, with our new math program we do mostly whole group, and I do pull a small group but it is to support them with the lesson workbook page, not a discussion of the computer work, so basically I sent the note just to give you their username and password. The program moves them up automatically as they get through the material so it is useful for both, reteaching and pre teaching upcoming concepts if they pass up where we are with our lessons.

Thank you and more…

I just want to say “Thank You” for attending open house. I enjoyed meeting you and your family. We have a great group of kids- they really are enjoyable and are good workers. Yesterday one of our dads informed me that my email address is incorrect on the welcome letter I sent home at the beginning of the year. Here is the correct one: My voicemail extension is 78921, however, a different teacher’s voice and name speaks to you. She was given my voicemail number as well and set it up before me. I have been unable to set it up with my voice so I did put in a helpdesk ticket so that it can be resolved. If they end up giving me a new extension I will let you know. Otherwise use the one above.

They will be taking their first (official) spelling test today. There will be one next Friday, even though it is a half day. You will see spelling homework come home everyday. This week there is a reading log on the back of the communication/behavior log. They are to fill it out on their own-you can verbally help if they need, but they have to do all the writing. We are going to practice in class today how to do that. I will be sending home book bags as well. They are required by the school to read at least five days. You can start them at 10 minutes a day and work up to 15 minutes by end of October and then work toward 20 minutes at some point. They have to read on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then can choose which weekend day they want (Firday, or Saturday, or Sunday).

If you want to send in birthday treats there are 18 kids. I checked their attendance records and did not see any peanut or other food allergies. If your child does have one that is not noted please let the office and myself know about it.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Kearney



Today spelling homework was sent home. They will get spelling homework Monday-Thursday. Every day is something different, but will remain the same throughout the whole year. We practiced today’s homework with a couple of the words in class today so that they would know what to do. Also communication/behavior logs went home today. I’d like for parents to sign or initial daily. There is a note at the bottom of it that explains everything.

Here is a message from the PTA:

The Snow PTA is hosting a Bake Sale at the Open House on this Thursday, Sept. 12th and we need your donations! Bring in any baked good of your choice — store-bought or homemade — and the proceeds will go directly to the PTA to support our students and classrooms. A cart will be outside the office Thursday morning and donations can be brought in any time that day. Looking forward to a great night!


I just want to say hello and tell you it’s been an exciting two weeks getting to know all our first graders. They have been working hard to learn the rules, (they’ve been doing a great job following them). I think they are the quietest walers in the hall! Tomorrow they will have their first spelling test. We are calling it a practice one, since we practiced some of the homework they will be bringing home next week for the next spelling test. They are going to have a short math quiz tomorrow so I can see how they are or aren’t catching on to the material that has been taught. We did a practice one together today. It is in their folder if you’d like to review it with them. Also in their folder is an important paper that needs to be filled out and returned to school. It is for the office. Not every student got one in our room because only one family member brings it home, so check all your kids folders to see who has it.

Next week is Open House:Thursday September 12th, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. Stop by if you can!

I will be posting spelling words weekly on the blog in case you want to get a head start on them or you lose the sheet that goes home with them on it.

Have a Great Night,

Mrs. Kearney