This Week is all Virtual Learning

Happy Easter! I wanted to give you an advance notice incase you need to make arrangements…classes will be all virtual this week April 6th-9th. I believe I told group B students to leave their math books at school because I’d “see” them on Tuesday, so don’t worry if they don’t have their math books, we will make do using our good ol’ whiteboards. Also, Group A did not receive their packets so don’t worry about those either. I believe we will be starting at 8:40am and going until 2:20pm, but won’t know for sure until tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

سوف تستأنف مدارس ديربورن الرسمية الدراسة في األسبوع
القادم ولكن انالين وذلك من أبريل ٦ -٩ الشهر. لن يكون هناك
اي دراسة من داخل المدرسة أو وجها لوجه في األسبوع القادم.
سوف يتم التعليم انالين فقط

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