This Week

Hello, this week will be our first week where the students will come 2 days a week! So just look at the schedule on the back of their folder and follow it. It is also available in schoology. Wednesday will be the only day they ZOOM all day. 8:40-2:30

Friday is a half day with dismissal at 12:45pm, so that only impacts group B.

Send students with last week’s packet (week 2) and this week’s packet.

They need their unit 7 Past, Present, and Future, book and any social studies and/or writing notebooks. Also, make sure they have their Leader in Me work in their blue folder as well.

Students will need to bring a shoe box or other box, to school on Monday and Tuesday so they can build their Leprechaun Traps, which will be supporting science standards. I have the other supplies they will need, however if you have some Elmer’s glue or tape you can send it with them. I do have some of both, but just in case, extra would be good.

They do not need to bring computers anymore, we have some to use in school now.

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