Spirit Week Next Week

Good Afternoon, I had mentioned to the kids we could do a “show and tell” and I said maybe Monday. I’m going to change it since receiving the information below. On Friday, they want students to to bring something to our virtual classroom that they are thankful for. So that will be the show and tell day.

Next week will be Snow School’s Spirit Week. We want to celebrate all the hard work Snow staff members, Snow students, and Snow families have been doing during virus crisis. to celebrate, follow the guide below…

Saturday or Sunday-draw a wolf for the Snow Wolf Contest

Monday, November 16th:  Pajama Day:  Wear your pajamas to zoom class.

Tuesday, November 17th: Hero Day: Give students a moment to share out who they consider to be a hero and why!

Wednesday, November 18th: Crazy Hat Day:  Wear your crazy hat to class!

Thursday, November 19th:  Snow wolf Art contest!  (show us your wolf drawing).

Friday, November 20th: ” I am thankful for” Show and share with us something that you are thankful for.

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