How Do You Feel About Trump?

Donald Trump has surprised many people by winning the election. Both Democrats and some Republicans have been taken back by this accomplishment.There have been protests and acts of dissension against the new president’s election. Even though the students at Unis cannot vote, they still have their opinion on the outcome of the 2016 election.

Many students are not happy with the President-elect. They feel as if Donald Trump is not the best person to run our country. “I feel that he does not have any experience to be president.” says Ali Saad. This is what most people feel about Trump.

Some students don’t really think that Donald Trump will actually go through with what he has said he will do when he becomes president. Eighth grader Batual Alsalamy says, “I really don’t feel anything because people from the other branches are not going to let his ridiculous propositions go through.”

The people who voted for Trump were mostly older white males. 53% of white voters preferred Trump. Also, 53% of male voters supported Trump along with 53% of older voters (65 and older). A majority of younger voters (18-29)  preferred Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton. These facts were found at

Some people still have an optimistic point of view throughout this entire election. Hoping that we make the next four years as best as possible. Barack Obama is trying his hardest to make this as smooth of a transition as he can. We all have to accept that Donald Trump is going to be our next president and we are going to make his term as great as we can.

Leila Farhat

Middle School Journalist


  1. I fell Trump is a good leader but he spreads hate among the country. I also think Trump has something to do with the Russian hacking. I believe this because he lied about not meeting them or contacting them.

  2. My feelings about Trump include disliking him because he wants to kick the Muslims out the country and he talks badly about women, and he is racists to many people.Many students are not happy with the President-elect. They feel as if Donald Trump is not the best person to run our country. Many people want Barack Obama to come back because lots of people like him.

  3. I agree with Ali Saad. Trump doesn’t have the experience to be president. He is making this country look bad after not letting immigrants enter the country. He has lied many times but never admits it. Trump is example of a bad leader.

    Rukaya Altiwainy 7th hour

  4. I was also taken aback by the fact that Trump won the election. But when looking at the big picture, if Hillary would have won it would have caused much more chaos because all of Hillary’s ideas aren’t really being ‘fair’ to everyone. Now that Trump is president he won’t be doing much other than saying “Obama wasn’t born in the U.S” or “Obama hired the FBI to tap my Phone to record my conversations.” So hopefully we can just lie low for the next 4 years and hope that we have better candidates.

    Yasmeen Alhubaishi 7th hr.

  5. In my opinion I was extremely shocked when Trump had won because it tells me a lot about this country. Which I mostly didn’t want to believe, and whats mostly shocking is people actually believed Trump when he said he’s going to do all those things when if he didn’t know (which of course he didn’t because he has no knowledge on what being a president means) he needs the congress to agree with him which not all the members will because his ideas are ridiculous and a childish move. I am agreeing with Ali Saad when he says “I feel that he does not have any experience to be president” because in my opinion I believe he doesn’t have any experience what so every because if he did he would have said those things.

  6. I believe that Donald Trump doesn’t have much experience to be the president of the United States. It has only been like 2 months since the inauguration and Donald Trump has made a lot of bad decisions already. I’m still shocked that he even won the election. Donald Trump has shown discrimination towards many people that live in the United States and he made them feel like they don’t belong here. He is making people very mad and that is not something the president should do. He is there to serve the people.

  7. I think Trump is a terrible leader with very “old time” views, lacking the belief for equality. He seems to be setting history back rather than forward, when people were very separated. This explains why most of his voters were older people, and why Clinton’s are younger. These days, the children and younger people are starting to become more aware of issues with inequality and unfairness, which seems to be what Trump is all about.

  8. I believe Donald J. Trump is a Great Leader!…. If leading means lying to america. This man has not only lied to all of America he also tried getting away with it by ignoring the fact that he met with Russia and this is a form of treason I truly hope the C.I.A. will find something so Donald can be kicked out of the white house and be replaced with a better president.

    Salem Salem 1st Hour

  9. As many people wanted trump to win the elections, many people didn’t. As it stated in the article that all his ridiculous propositions won’t go through because the branches have to pass them is true, so we shouldn’t worry because he is all talk. When he won the election I felt like he won’t stay for long but let’s see how it goes.

    Haydar Moustafa/7th hour

  10. I do not have good feeling about Trump. I could use as many hateful words against trump if possible. Trump is and unfair racist president. when i found our trump won the next morning I can honestly say i was speechless and surprised. I was surprised because I never thought Trump was going to win. I thought he was going to win because everyone i had talked to was against him.

  11. in my opinion i think trump is a bad prisdent, but others would think hes a good prisdent i think he is a bad prisdent beacasue he doesn’t listen to anyone and is very very rude. i think Donald Trump is just all talk he says this and this but hes just saying that for people to vote for him and in the end he doesnt do what he tells everyone hes going to do.

    Mohamed Alghazaly 3rd hr

  12. In my Opinion I know for sure that Trump isn’t best fit for being president. I still cant find the fact why he had won that election in the first place, i never thought he would win i really thought Hillary Clinton was going to win but i guess not. I really don’t think he is a great leader to be honest,all he does is criticize women and judge people based on the outside, He didn’t have enough ideas to help our environment and grow our economy. I really don’t like him being president and i can’t wait tell these 2 years are over and i hope he isn’t elected twice.

    Gana Mukhal
    7th hour

  13. I agree with this article because in the beginning it said that , “people feel that Donald trump isn’t the best president to run our country.” So far its been about 2 months and Donald Trump is blames for wiretapping but he has no proof.The results of Trump winning made me think people voted for him because they wanted to get Muslims out of America. As Trump says “Make America great again.”

    Jennat Almosawi
    1st hour

  14. I agree with mostly everything in this article. I do think that everyone was surprised by Trump, even himself. He shouldn’t be president. And I think almost everyone would agree with me on that. Except only a hand full of specific people that voted for him, and no one else. Ever since Trump began this election it just caused mayhem, fights, and rebelling. He is a very judge-mental person that doesn’t except a person based on religion, dress wear, sexuality, and decisions they make in their lives that have nothing to do with him. So all in all i agree with everything in this article, except for one. Which is how they explained to except Trump is our president and there is nothing we can do. I don’t agree with this statement because it is literally telling yo to give up on what you believe. And i think if you truly believe in something than to keep doing it no matter the doubts. Because that’s when people join and that’s when people see its a problem having him as a president and should do something about that. So if you are a protester protest what you believe, its not over and you don’t need to come into acceptance with it.

  15. I believe that Trump is a horrible leader and president elect. I feel that he does not have any experience as a leader. He grew up living in a rich community and doesn’t have a sense of mind when it come to raising minimum wage or helping people in poverty, or people who are coming from a country of war. He has tricked the elderly people (65+) that he is a good leader with many great ideas, when he was just trying to win the election and now he is going to break all his promises and do every good idea the opposite way.

  16. I personally don’t have too big of a problem with Donald Trump I’m not saying I like him I am just saying he is our president now do we have to give him respect? No we just have to accept the fact that he’s out president now.

  17. In my opinion I didn’t think Donald Trump was gonna win president the reason I thought Donald Trump was not gonna win president was because he was being racist to Black people, Arabs, also Mexicans. Another reason I think Donald Trump shouldn’t win president is because he only cares about whites and himself another reason I think Trump shouldn’t win president is because he mocked and made fun of a disabled reporter. And the final reason I think Trump shouldn’t win president is because he may start World War 3.

  18. I don’t like Donald Trump. I think Donald Trump is a racist and a hypocrite. One reason I think Trump is racist is because of the the Muslim ban. Im a Muslim American citizen and seeing Muslims banned from coming to america and leaving was cruel and hard to put up with. I think a president should believe in equality and not despise religions. I also think that Donald does not have any experience in government or politics which is not good for our country. I believe that Donald somehow rigged the votes because a lot of people waned Hillary to win. Yet somehow, Trump won.
    1st hour

  19. Ali Ghoul 3rd hour

    I like how you added the statistics and numbers in the writting and I feel you did a good job but it would have ben better if you told us why people were suprised.

  20. I feel like donald Trump doesn’t have what it take to run the united state. Even though Donald Trump became the new president he still is making bad decision, by building a wall that separates the United States and Mexico. I don’t agree with that, because many mexican people make a difference for the United state. Even though trump is the president I still have many differences encounter to the amazing country of the United States.

    Hamzah Shatela
    7th hour

  21. I feel that Donald Trump is excellent in economics, as a business man. One thing about Donald Trump is that I feel he needs to be nicer to people and to not threaten people.

  22. I actually thought that trump was not going to be president because all over social media people kept on saying Hillary had a bigger advantage from donald trump not excepting all countries in to the u.s. I also feel like trump wont remain as president very long after he has been doing things with Russa.

  23. I feel like Donald trump just likes to cause drama and make everything harder. he doesn’t like a lot of people but he said that he wats to make America great again, but I don’t think is doing that because everyone is supposed to be equal but he is making it unequal by saying that arabs are terrorists and criticizing lots of people he accused the former president Obama for something he didn’t do and he had to get evidence but he didn’t get any so he is getting a little consequence.

  24. I didn’t think Trump was going to win the election because he was very racist and his ideas were not going to make America a better place to live. right now I don’t think he is a good leader for us. He’s just making more trouble for America. He’s always saying let’s make America better, well he’s not he’s going to make America worse.
    Alaa almusawi
    7th hour
    *No punctuations

  25. I feel that in 2016 no one even cared about the election enough to vote. Sure they say this and that about Donald and Hillary but they did nothing about it. And when Donald won everyone though back and said to them selves why didn’t they vote for someone who was more qualified to run America.

  26. i believe that Donald Trump has no idea what he is doing. out of all respect he is not going to make ” America Great Again” hes going to make America worse. he is all talk. everything that he says he’s going to Do he is’nt going to do to. everything that he wants to do people will not accept they will start doing protests and then what ever he wanted to do he wont do it. when Trump started his ban he made one of the biggest mistakes because people didn’t eat or sleep for days fighting for there right to be an in America. to be honest when i found out that trump was going to be president i knew that so many problems were going to start. starting of by him not respecting women when most women have have more education then him and could run the country better then him. i really dont know whats going to happen in the next four years but i know very well that its not going to be as good of a country with out Obama.

  27. I think Donald Trump won the election because barely any people got up and voted. Donald Trump is really racist just because there was a few terrorist acts by a certain group of people doesnt mean all Muslim are terrorist. (Think before you speak).

    Mohamed Alsaifi 3rd hour

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