Where News Soars

     Unis Middle School now has a newsletter called The McCollough Unis News.  The catch phrase for the newsletter is Home of the Aviators – Where News Soars. There are 8 students who participate in the choosing and writing the stories. Each student has to come up with one topic each month to write about. The stories are about what’s happening in our community and a picture to match the story. This way students, teachers, and parents can stay updated about what’s happening. The newsletter not only has stories, but it also has all the upcoming dates for the month.

    “Mr. Farhat (principal) asked me if I would like to start a school newsletter,” said Ms. Kincaid, a social studies and journalism teacher.  Everyone that is part of making the newsletter has a job. The writers have to come up with a story and write about it. Ms. Kincaid’s job is to see the final copy and make any adjustments if needed and then send it to be published.  “The process takes a while,” one of the writers, Latifa Awada says “It takes awhile because if you have to interview someone and sometimes related to your topic, and sometimes you don’t have any one to interview so I’d say  it takes about a week or more.”

   The newsletter features many stories about what’s happening in the community. “Teachers need to encourage the students to keep up with our news and the best place we can start at, is our own school,” said Zainab Al-Najim. A lot of students don’t stay updated with the news. The newsletter informs students about some of the things that’s happening in the community.

     “I like the school paper. I like the variety of topics included in your reporting” said Ms. Oatley. The newsletter not only informs students, but also informs teachers. There are different types of stories in the newsletter from donations to sports. The variety of stories interests a variety of students based on their interests.

All in all, the newsletter is liked by a lot of people. It’s both entertaining and informing. It helps students, parents, and teachers all stay updated on the recent news in the community. So make sure to read the next “Where News Soars” newsletter!                           

Middle School Journalist

Shayma Aljabali

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