There are many people in this world that feel lonely because people don’t give them the attention they deserve. People don’t understand that people deserve company and friends so they could feel special and wanted. On the news not long ago, there was this 11 year old named Christopher. His teacher gave him an assignment to do and on that paper he stated, “ Some of my friends are no one.” His father Bob Cornelius saw the assignment and he was then struck with devastation. Now let’s hear what people have to say.

First I interviewed an eighth grader at Unis Middle School,Yakeen Bazzi and asked her a couple of questions. She stated that, “ She feels very heart broken, and that child needs to be loved.” She then added,”She has felt lonely maybe once or twice in her life when her volleyball season at Hype Athletics ended.” Yakeen doesn’t feel unique when  people aren’t around her!

A sixth grader at Unis Middle School, Sara Altairi, who has felt lonely before and know how it feels said,” Feeling lonely is a horrible feeling that no one should feel.” She added,”People feel lonely when their friends or family ditch them.” Sara needs to feel special and wanted.

Finally, I asked a couple questions to a seventh grader at Mccollough Unis, Hassan Jaghbir. First he stated that, “Loneliness is a hard and unhappy thing to handle.” He then added, “ Christopher should make friends and be more open to other people.” Christopher is open but many people don’t talk to him. Also Hassan does make a good point because no one should feel that feeling.

Overall, people feel that loneliness needs to stop and we need to treat people the way we would want to be treated. Ever has their lonely days but we need to get back up and start over until we feel special. No matter what people think of you, you are special. Never forget that!!



Nasrene Mroue,

Middle School Journalist

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