Does Summer School Work?

Summer School is for the children that do not fully succeed in school, but the question here would be does summer school work? According to, a lot of kids that go to summer school say that it did nothing at all for them at all. The reason for this was because of the kids mind was just focusing on what they are going to do when they get home. And so it comes down to one question, which is do kids learn anything from summer school?


To begin According to, Summer school is very important for many things, the first thing being it’s the only way for many kids to not have to repeat a grade. And it’s also a good thing so the kids that are taking it will have a good memory when the school year starts. Another thing that could be very helpful is in summer school there are usual not a lot of kids like the normal school year, and so the kids that need help could actually end up getting it without having to stop the entire class and make them slow down just for the kid that needs the little bit of extra help. Not to forget summer school is free, so there is no need to spend a lot of money on getting your kid inside of a enrichment camp such as a science camp or a tutor over the summer.


The second thing that was suprising that should catch your attention is, according to summer school is not that great because a study was taken and it turns out most of the kids that end up going to summer school don’t want to learn anything. They think it should be a choice because some people that go there will just do nothing but play around and waste all of the teacher’s time. Not to forget that the state has to spend a lot of money on summer school, while most of the kids that go there don’t even want to work at all. Not to forget according to, many of the kids that went to summer school didn’t know anything, but the teachers treated them like they where A+ students and didn’t even bother helping them.


To go in debt, Summer school is meant to focus on the skills that the students did not acquire during the school year, and so it is suppose to help teach the students what they missed. A example of this would be if you failed math, then the summer school should help you in what you missed. Such as multiplying. Another reason this could be very helpful is if you have to take summer school or you need to repeat the grade. It would be something very good to fall back on if you do not want to finish the school year again. Ali Elzaghir, A local Unis Middle School Student who is in 8th grade that has attended summer school told me “Summer school was very helpful to me. For starters if I didn’t take summer school I would’ve failed the grade and would of had to take there year over again. But the best part of summer school is that it helped me learn math a lot better. Math is the subject I really struggle in, and when I first went into summer school I thought nothing was going to happen. But after a couple of weeks I realized that I am doing a lot better and I have been improving since”.


Although summer school has helped a lot of people, it has also wasted a lot of people’s time. As some students report that summer school did not do anything at all for them, and they think that it would of been a lot better if there teachers were more focused on them. Ali Mansour, A local 8th grade boy who also attended summer school told me “I have went to summer school and it did not do anything for me. I just felt like the teachers did not care about me and just were there to make there money. Not to forget that the teachers there did not teach me anything, all they did was sit around and give me work sheets I did not even know how to do”. But although the schools say that summer school helps, a lot of people say that they don’t do anything. Ali Mustapha a local student at Unis Middle School said “I had summer school back in elementary, and when I went, it did nothing to me. All it did was make me spend hours of my time in a hot building doing nothing”.


To conclude, Many people say summer school works, And many say it does not. But in the end summer school is only given to you if you did not do too well in the school year, and you need to get a lot more practice. So in the end it all comes down to what you think about summer school, although you are given it for a reason.


Hussein Alakhrass


8th Grade


  1. I agree with the evidence given. In middle school summer school is only three weeks then the rest you would have to do it online and not that much of students would even learn anything from the online site because they would probably just guess or open a new tab and google the answer.

    Haneen Bilal
    2nd hour

  2. I believe that Summer School works for some kids because I had went to Summer School once in my life and I improved a lot. But in some ways the kid may think of themselves negatively because Summer School is for kids who didnt try in school or kids who didn’t do as well as other students.

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