Conformation And Agility


Dog show finalist!

Dog show finalist!

   Through aggregation and dedication, getting your dog to have good conformation and agility is a huge deal. Conformation is the appearance of your dog, and agility is the skills your dog should have and the mastery of interacting. For many it is “My dog is my best friend” but do you show it? 


   Some dog owners take pride in their dogs. Some people like Russ Scrooge, a PWDCA competitor actually takes the time from his daily life to train his dog. “I contribute lots of time with Baylee, especially if we have nationals coming up. Also, I love going to shows and seeing my dog interact with different dogs of the same breed.” He says.


     Everyone around the world knows of a dog show. Many owners don’t see what their dogs are capable of. Russ Scrooge stated “ I love seeing owners so engaged in the tricks and beauty their dogs can pull off.” A lovely lady named Nancy Jolich, also a former competitor at the PWDCA dog show has been attending dog shows for about four years with her dog Abby. “ I put Abby in a show so she can see the dogs of the same breed, and a little competition is always fun, Nancy says. Also the worst consequences a dog should get is one less treat, dog shows aren’t suppose to be that serious just having fun.”


   Some people in the crowd at the PWDCA Dog Show ( Portuguese Water Dog Club Of America) had a different reason why they were attending it. Thomas Walker, a grandparent of a competitor stated “ I’m here for my granddaughter, I’m not really here for the whole ”obedience” or “beauty” that a dog has to show, but I support my granddaughters decision on what she thinks is a life time hobby, I also like the bond they both share.”


   A dog show is a traditional world wide event that is participated by many . Although many people have their strong opinions, it all adds up to what actually happens at a dog show. Like Russ’s dog Baylee, he met another dog of the same breed (Portuguese Water Dog), and now they have two puppies, Sophie and Franklin. 


   Everyone has a different perspective on whether dog shows are worth the time and training. This topic can be discussed by a lot and many opinions can be stated. Not everyones opinion is correct because there can’t be a right or wrong opinion. In the end, every dog is amazing in its own way and can be expressed through its owner or a dog show.


Lara Bazzi

Unis Middle School Journalist

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