National Junior Honor Society

The National Junior Honor Society


The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is an after school class for  kids that get a GPA of a 3.5 and higher consecutively. Unis Middle School was the first middle school to start the NJHS in the district. Lowrey was the second school to begin the NJHS. Unis and Lowrey are the only Middle schools to have an NJHS.

The counselor of Unis Middle School Mrs.Wilkie said that “Its been three years since we started the program and every year gets better.” It is a national program. We do community service and benefit the economy. “This program is a heads up for Fordson or Dearborn high schools.” Mrs.Wilkie said.

Nancy Wilkie, middle school counselor

Nancy Wilkie, middle school counselor

In 9th grade there is no NJHS. You would have to reapply in 10th grade even if you had the NJHS in middle school. All the kids that applied mentioned that this is a great program and all of the kids that applied were praying to be accepted.

If a child gets accepted they get an invitation to a ceremony. In the ceremony there would be a guest speaker and the principles,counselor. Each child would be called up and receive a certificate. Then there would be a nice and charming party.

   It is a honor to be in the National Junior Honor Society because it is a beneficial program to the environment and the citizens that live in that environment. Everyone looks after each other and all the children would become leaders later.



  1. The National Junior Honors Society is something that people should look forward to doing. I’ve been in the program and you feel really good after doing it because you are helping others. I was really happy you did this story because it just tells people that you should get good grades to be in this amazing program. I thought this was a good story and I hope you can make other stories even better then this one.

  2. Being in NJHS, I think that is a really beneficial program and I think that this story will urge more people to join it this year. If someone were to really want to be accepted into NJHS, they would try really hard to get better grades. I think it’s convenient to require a GPA of 3.5 or higher. People who don’t try to be a good student shouldn’t be awarded.

  3. You are absolutely right, students should apply for NJHS. I personally applied for NJHS with my g.p.a over a 3.5 along with the letters I wrote. Students should be doing after school activities and clubs to help them later on in the future.

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