Racism:The Never Fading Scar

cross-burning-at-nighttime-ku-klux-klan-kkk-rally-1Racism has been around since the very early stages of the world. Whether it’s staring the wrong way at someone, or dropping a comment, racism is everywhere. Some people believe that racism has gone away, but has it? Although some instances of racism have disappeared, the entire idea of racism has not. Many have suffered the cruelness of racism, and the scar that is left behind, never fades away.

In history, there have been many racist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). The KKK wore hoods and carried around torches a lot, they traveled in groups and their numbers were extraordinary.The Ku Klux Klan was the biggest White Supremacy groups in history. The purpose of the KKK was to strike fear in blacks, because in their eyes, blacks were not equals. There were many cases on murder involving “hooded men”, which were the KKK. Despite supposedly disbanding, the KKK still has some thousands of numbers. Many of the Ku Klux Klan were in politics, and in fact even community leaders. Ms.Kincaid, a 8th grade journalism teacher said, “ I remember driving through the south with my little sister and my daughter, and I saw a cross burning and men around it. I knew it was a Klan meeting.”

Many people have been affected by racism. The emotional effect of racism has left many people thinking, “why hasn’t this evil gone away?” This judgment is not something that will go away easily. Although the civil rights movement gave blacks their deserved rights, they are still looked upon as lesser individuals. This discrimination is not right and no human-being should have to feel this way. Leaders of said civil rights movements were historical names that left a mark on the world. People such as, Mahatma Gandi, Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, Malcolm X. All of whom fought for the rights of everyone!

Racism is something that has become customary to many. Mrs.Rogers, mother of two, has suffered from racism, and not by her skin color, but by her choice. When she was 19 she chose to convert to Islam. “I was judged by my co-workers and lost many friends. Looking back at it, I do not regret my decision.” As you can see, people are constantly being judged and discriminated against. Ms.Kincaid also had a saddening story. “My aunt and I were at Twelve Oaks Mall and she had handed the cashier an unlimited amount credit card. They took a while looking at background information. They even called her home for a description of her and the clothes she wore that day.  We had not realized we were being racially profiled until we had gone home!”

With all the years that racism has been around for, can it really go away? With all of the history of judging and discrimination, how can a century long ordeal disappear? Ms.Kincaid spoke on this and said, “ I think that if you’re racist you’re always angry, and if you’re the victim you always feel sad, angry, scared and a whole lot of other things. The point is that neither side is ever happy.” This statement is very compelling. Mrs.Rogers also spoke on this topic and said, “ I feel that racism is something taught to kids, it’s like math. Math is taught to kids all the time, but can it ever go away? People are always judgemental and stereotype everything. So all in all, racism will never go away because of the ignorance of people!”

In conclusion, racism is something that has been an issue for many. The effect of racism is so hard to bear that the emotional scar never goes away. WIth all the stubbornness and ignorance of many, racism is an evil that will never cease to exist. Groups such as the KKK are still around but are very secretive nowadays. If you see acts of racism, do not be a bystander, be an upstander!

Houd Mashrah, 8th Grade Journalist


  1. This is a great story about racism. I really enjoyed it. This story taught me about another secret society that I didn’t know about: the KKK. There we’re many great facts and details in there. There should be hope that racism will go away. I can’t believe what happened at the Twelve Oaks Mall. Mrs. Kincaid and Rogers made some really good points about racism. Overall, I really liked this story and keep up the good work!

  2. This was a very well written story that really informed me about racism and how it is still alive and well to this day. The stories and sources you used from other people’s experiences helped show that despite how people have claimed that racism has gone away, there are still cruel people who continue to judge others based on these things. Overall, this was a great story that exceeded in explaining racism and the effects it can have on other people.

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