May 3

Remote Learning Schedule Week 7

Hi parents,

Here we are starting week 7 of distance learning. Makes me so sad to think it’s been that long since I’ve last been in the classroom with your children 🙁 Below is the schedule for this week. Many of you came to pick up the Math and Reading books last week and I’m so thankful for that, it should be a little easier from here on our having those books and not having to print resources.

This week, we are studying suffixes for Spelling, looking at nonfiction text features for Reading, working on Opinion writing, and continuing with Module 6, lessons 9 and 10.

For Spelling, all of the activities are linked to Seesaw. Please remember that you can access the links and view them through this schedule as well, but most are attached to Seesaw as well. I put two Mother’s Day activities for Thursday/Friday into the schedule on Seesaw for your child to complete (hopefully independently so you can be surprised)! Celebrating Mother’s Day will look a little different this year and doing cute, little crafts with ym students to surprise and gift you mothers with is one of my favorite things to do. I’m so sad we can’t do that this year, but I didn’t want it to go unnoticed.

For Writing, I made a video showing and explaining what is required this week. It is posted under Monday writing. Everything that is required should be done through Google Classroom, they can type directly on those docs there, not through the schedule links. The final draft is a Google Doc that they will have to create through GC. There should be 3 attachments in total when it’s time to submit.

For Reading, we are using out Common Core Ready books. I have posted mini-lesson videos for each day, as I would like your child to have their book out and ready while watching my video lesson (tried to set up as we used to do in class). Once they complete the independent practice, a simple picture and upload to Seesaw will do. The passages your child will read are Science & Social Studies themed, so I made the Readworks articles optional for this week, if you wanted the extra work.

For Math, we will move forward to Lessons 9 & 10. Please remember to have your child be prepared with a paper and pencil while watching the video to work through any problems and the application problem. You can submit these assignments through Google Classroom by taking a picture ad uploading as an attachment, or upload a picture to Seesaw.

These assignments can be turned in through Sunday. I fill out a log with how often your child participated and completed that week’s assignments Sunday evening.

Office Hours- I am available though class Dojo every day from 9-3. If there is a time you would like to facetime or chat about something specific, we can set that up. It was a rough week last week not being able to see all my students’ smiling faces with the cancellation of Zoom and Google Meet in the district. There is only one way of doing a video chat and that is something called BBB, but it’s through a learning platform that we are not a part of yet as a class. With only 5 more weeks left of school, we have decided as a grade-level not to put that burden on you as parents. Please know that any time your child would like to talk to me or FaceTime me, I would be more than happy to do so. Just let me know and we can arrange it.

Have a great week ahead and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you amazing moms out there-parenting, working, and homeschooling! I hope you are spoiled this weekend 🙂

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