May 10

Remote Learning Schedule Week 8

Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing moms who I am so lucky to know! I hope you had an awesome day today!

Below is the schedule for this week. I will be at the school this Thursday, from 1-3 pm, passing out supplies I packed up from their lockers and desks:( It was a sad and numbing task to complete, in which I never imagined having to do in my teaching career. Everything is packed up and ready for you to take home. I also have something else to give my students when you come, so I’m hoping you can all make it so I can say goodbye 🙁 It will be a pick up in front of the school, no need to get out of car. More details to come from Mr. Short and I’ll send out a reminder as it nears.

For this week, we are learning about past and present tense verbs for Spelling, moving on to Lesson 13 for Reading-Author’s Purpose, and we are doing another week of Opinion Writing. This week, the blueprint will be the final draft. Please make sure to watch the video posted on Monday under “Writing”, this shows what is expected for this week. Also, each day for Reading, there is a mini-lesson video posted by me, this is the part where your child can follow along with me and their Common Core Ready books. For Math, we are moving forward to Lessons 11 and 12. For Science, there are 2 fun Mystery Science videos posted. No work needs to be done for this, simply watch the videos, and have your child think about the questions I posted on the schedule.

If you are looking for more work, take a look at the “Additional Learning Opportunities” at the bottom of the schedule.

Have a great week and I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing all of you on Thursday at the school.

Mrs. Izbicki

Schedule Week 8:

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