December 18

Music Concert Tonight!!


Please make sure your child is in the band room at Bryant Middle School  by 6:40 pm, so they can take the stage at 7pm.  They’ve done a great job performing for the school and practicing at Bryant today!

I may not be there tonight, as the 24 hour flu/stomach bug has hit my house.  All 3 of my little boys are sick with it.  If I don’t see you tonight, I hope to see you on Friday for our Holiday party!



Mrs. Izbicki

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December 17

Weekly Reminders

Happy Monday and last week before break!!

There are no Spelling Words this week and no Math homework.  Math tests will be returned tomorrow.

Reminders for the week:

Tuesday– walking to Bryant for Music practice-9am/Concert at 7 pm, please make sure your child is in the band room by 6:40 pm

Thursday– PBIS celebration in the afternoon- Movie Theater!

Friday– pancake breakfast at 9am, followed by reindeer games 🙂

I will be sending home a Math NWEA packet on Friday.  This is not mandatory, but encouraged.  We will be testing within 2 weeks after break. This will be good review and practice for the test to come.  Any returned packets will get 5 hoots from me:)


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December 14

Grinch Day Fun

Thank you to all those who sent in sweet treats for the kids to enjoy while we watched the original movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.  The kids got to play pin the heart on the Grinch, make a Grinch craft from multiplication, play Grinch jeopardy, and enjoy Grinch snacks.  We had some really cute hair-dos, outfits, and even faces that were painted like Mr. Grinch!

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December 10

Class News & Spelling Words

Happy Monday!

Below are the Spelling Words for Week 14.  This will be the last set of words before break, as we have a super busy week next week.

Important Reminders for the week of December 10th:

12/11- Ugly Sweater Bingo for Books 6 pm

12/12- Late Start

12/13- Haigh School Store

12/14- Grinch Day!

Grinch Day letters were sent home last week.  This will be a day full of fun and learning.  We will do Reading and Math activities centered around the Grinch, and have plenty of fun activities too.  Also, looking to show the original movie and enjoy some Grinch-inspired treats.  There are a ton of ideas on Pinterest if anyone is able to send in treats, we would be so appreciative!

I hope everyone has an awesome week!

Spelling Week 14

  1. muffin
  2. bargain
  3. certain
  4. pumpkin
  5. fountain
  6. basin
  7. again
  8. captain
  9. dolphin
  10. curtain
  11. push factor
  12. pull factor
  13. migration
  14. immigration
  15. movement

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November 27

Social Studies Family Immigration Project Reminder!!

Dear Parents,

Please support your student with this wonderful family history project.  Each student needs you to sit down with them and answer a few questions about your family heritage. The main theme of this paper is what “pushed” your relatives from their home country and then what “pulled” them to the United States.

Students will use this information to write a 5 paragraph paper on their family history.  This is 50% of their Social Studies grade.

This paper is due on Monday, December 3rd!!

Thank you for your support and cooperation,

A. Cronin

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November 26

Class News & Spelling Words

Happy Monday!!

First of all I wanted to let everyone know that our Donor’s Choose project was FULLY FUNDED!!!!!  Thank you to my family, friends, and a few our very own Haigh parents, our class will now receive brand new flexible seating options within the next couple weeks!!!  THANK YOU!!

Below are the Spelling Words for week 12 and the class news that will be sent home today.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Spelling Week 12

  1. compass
  2. latitude
  3. longitude
  4. distributive
  5. certain
  6. compatible
  7. population
  8. money
  9. deposit
  10. withdrawal
  11. millimeters
  12. centimeters
  13. grams
  14. measurement

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November 19

Happy Thanksgiving!

There are no Spelling Words or homework for this week!  Reminder that there is no school this W-F.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend, spent with family & friends!


PS. We have already received donations that equal almost half of the total towards the Flexible Seating Donor’s Choose project!!!  Only $251 more to go and we will get these awesome, new seats delivered to our classroom.  If you know anyone who is looking to donate, please send them to the link.  Today is the last day that donations will be doubled, using the code “LIFTOFF”.  Our class is greatly appreciative! Thanks again!!

Flexible Seating for Success

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November 15

Donor’s Choose Project- Flexible Seating

Hi Friends and Family,

I want to make sure my students have what they need to succeed, so I just created a classroom request.

As you know we are a flexible seating classroom this year, and I want to make sure we fully implement and that my students have plenty of choice!  I currently have some seating options available for students outside the desk/chair option, but I want to give them even more!

Flexible Seating for Success

Please consider donating to our classroom by November 20, 2018 and your donation will be doubled thanks to Just enter the code LIFTOFF during checkout and you’ll be matched dollar for dollar (up to $50). If you know any businesses, or companies who are looking to donate to a school, please pass this along!

In return, you’ll get awesome photos of your gift in action and our heartfelt thanks.

Thank you so much,
Mrs. Izbicki

P.S. If you know anyone who may want to help my students, please pass this along and share the link 🙂 🙂

Flexible Seating for Success

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