May 13

Class News and Spelling Words

Happy Monday!

Below are the Spelling Words for week 28.  We will begin NWEA testing this week, on Wednesday for Language Usage.  We have 4 tests to get through over the next few weeks.

Spelling Week 28

  1. happier
  2. earlier
  3. greedier
  4. emptier
  5. funnier
  6. prettier
  7. friendlier
  8. cloudier
  9. bouncier
  10. fancier
  11. natural resource
  12. capital resource
  13. human resource
  14. consumer
  15. producer

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May 13

Keep the Quote Winner (Last week)

Last week we had 2 winners!!!  So many students nominated them both, that it was only fair they both win.  Congrats to Leo and Maya on making the days count and always trying their hardest!!

I made another quote so they both got to take one home 🙂 🙂

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May 12

Clean Up Parade Tommorrow!

Dear Parents,


First off, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, I hope you’ve enjoyed your day 🙂  The City Beautiful Clean Up Parade is tomorrow, at 1:30 pm.  Mr. Short has a detailed letter and map posted to his blog specifying the route.  If possible, we would like all 4th graders to wear green, white, or our 4th grade rocks shirts.  The students decorated visors with their favorite Earth sayings on Friday and will wear these during the parade.  Thanks in advance!

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May 6

Let’s end the year with a BANG!!

Well we are winding down to the end of the school year and boy has time flown by!  We started out countdown today!  Each day, we will pop a balloon to count down the days left, but each balloon has a student’s name inside!  The last days of school, each student will have a day dedicated to them! If their name is in the balloon that day, they get special privileges for the day, such as: line leader, sitting in the special red chair , they can sit where they want and choose a few friends to sit with, and we write special messages about them.

One of my favorite parts of this countdown is the special message part.  Each kid in the class will write what they love about your child on this white board, then I will take a picture and send to you!

I’m excited to celebrate each student and begin our countdown to SUMMER!!!

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May 6

Keep the Quote Winner and New Quote

The students nominated Yara on Friday, and she was absent so I’m posting today 🙂  A few weeks ago, Yara had a lot of votes for the quote, as well as Zahraa. It was a tie, but Yara said she though Zahraa deserved the quote and refused to accept it, that overwhelmed us all and was a great act of kindness and selflessness. So, great job Yara!


Here is this week’s quote!

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May 6

Class News

Happy Monday!

There are no Spelling words assigned for this week, due to State testing.  Students will begin the Math portion of the M-Step tomorrow and test through this week, as needed to finish.

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