March 30

Remote Learning Week 3 Schedule

Hi Parents,

We are on to week 3 of remote learning and I’m really missing all of my students. I would give anything to have our normal back and be heading to the classroom today to see all my students 🙁 I hope everyone is continuing to stay healthy and stay home!

For this week, I have posted the Spelling Words along with a Spelling Word choice board, something your child can choose to help them learn the words. There is one Seesaw Spelling assignment I would like your child to complete, it’s an alphabetical word assignment.

For Writing, I have given different writing prompts for each day and attached the blueprints and instructions for publishing. Monday- your child will focus on Opinion writing, making sure to state their opinion (claim) and back it up with reasons. The rest of the week they will write Narratives, ending the week with a fun Fantasy writing that they can draw, write, and record themselves on Seesaw.

For Math, we are reviewing this week until I put a plan in place to move on to the next Module. I have attached a daily spiral review that you can either print or have your child write the answers and problems on a separate sheet of paper. They should go on Zearn each day as well, if they are ready to move on to module 6, that’s great. If they have not finished the problem sets and videos from Module 5, they can go back to Week 2.

For Reading, I would like your child to spend time on Read Works, reading the various articles that are a focus in Science and Social Studies and answering the question set that follows. I have been checking the short answers daily and returning your child’s score. There are various activities I have added to Seesaw, a fluent reading activity, where your child can pick any book they are reading and practice their fluency by recording themselves and taking a picture of the page. There’s also a storytelling activity where they will draw a picture and tell a story to match. There is a fun Outdoor Scavenger Hunt to get them out on the sunny, warmer days ahead. I love hearing, seeing, and reading their Seesaw posts. It lightens up my day to be able to respond to them. I would like them to log onto I-Ready a few times a week, as this is a great resource to learn and practice our 2nd grade Common Core Reading Standards.

Please remember that this is a suggested schedule, I understand it may not be possible or easy to follow, but please know I’ve been so proud of the learning that I’ve witnessed taking place at home. Thank you again, parents, for your dedication to your child’s education and learning at home.

Reminder- our first Zoom class video chat is this Tuesday at 11am. I cannot wait to see your child!! I am going to try my hardest to stay strong for them, although it will be so emotional for me to see their smiling faces 🙂

Have a great week and as always, I’m here to answer any questions and help you through these tough times.

Stay healthy,

Mrs. Izbicki

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March 27

Zoom Video Chat Invitation

Hi Parents! I have heard back from most everyone in regard to being able to join our first video chat, on Tuesday, March 31st at 11am. I am new to Zoom, so I will try to troubleshoot and answer as many questions as possible. There is a Zoom app you can get on your phone, or if you have a Chromebook or laptop, you can go to the URL listed below. Maybe give it a try before the meeting on Tuesday. I am sooo looking forward to seeing all my students’ faces and hearing their voices, and letting them get the chance to share out and talk with their peers. Here are the details:

Erika Izbicki is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Izbicki 2nd Grade Chat
Time: Mar 31, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 459 973 692

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March 24

District Information

Starting Monday, March 23, the Administrative Service Center will no longer be open but, just like our schools, the work will continue.  Our staff will transition to working at home and to make sure we continue to deliver services to the public, I would like to share the following contact numbers and emails: 

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March 22

Suggested Weekly Schedule

Hi Parents!

I have created a suggested template of lessons and activities for work and play for this coming week (March 23-27). Please understand that this is just a suggestion of activities to keep your student learning and active during this time. The time frames suggested are to keep your students on a schedule similar to our school day. Obviously, with your own individual family commitments, this is just to help try to keep our students consistent with their regular school day! Thank you so very much for your help and for all of your patience during this time!!

I recorded a video I will share on Class Dojo in the morning 🙂 Click on the link to view the schedule, all the links are embedded and all the information you’ll need is right here on this document. Please contact me via Dojo if you have any questions.

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March 17

Spelling Words Week 23


Here is the Spelling List that would have been assigned for this week. I am going to assign some activities to do through Seesaw, and you can have them do activities like rainbow write, alphabetical order, write in sentences, etc. I messaged the QR code on Dojo to use for logging into Seesaw, there is a Spelling Activity and a directed drawing for St. Patty’s Day.

2nd Grade Spelling 

Week 23 









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March 16

3 Week Literacy Pack

Here is the link to a 3 week literacy pack that contains worksheets to print, or to complete digitally if you set up a google account. Use the “daily guide” to help you navigate through. I am working on getting a QR code sent out to you all so the children can use Seesaw, something they really love and will be able to communicate with other classmates through.

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March 16


You Gotta Have Art! 
Art activities for 2nd grade students will be posted on Mrs. Buenting’s blog starting Monday, March 16.  At the top of her blog page there is a tab labeled Second. This is where you will find activities, videos, and web links.  Please, visit her blog weekly over the next three weeks for activities that can be done with minimal supplies yet keep creative minds working!

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March 16

2nd Grade Relief Pack

Here is another great resource to download, it has songs, videos, Science, Writing, Math, Reading, Social Studies, and Phonics activities. Just download the file, and choose which subject you would like to view, and choose an activity.

Under the Reading tab, there is a St, Patrick’s Day passage and question set to print for your child. If you can’t print, just read digitally and answer the questions orally.

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