June 10

Haigh Drive-Thru Tomorrow!

Haigh Community,

Please do not forget to join us for our “Haigh Last Day of School Drive-Thru”!!! This final chance to see your Haigh classroom , specials, and support teachers is taking place this Thursday from 10:00am-11:30am. We have definitely missed our owls and hope that you are able to come by to see us before Summer officially begins! K-2 families please use the Silvery Lane Drop Off Lane, 3rd-5th grade families please use the Coburn Drop Off Lane. Families that need to pick up medication, please stop by the staff parking lot behind Haigh. Please see the link below that provides more details about the event. For everyone’s safety we do ask that you stay in your car during the drive-thru. We look forward to seeing those that can make it!

Mr. Short

Click here for Drive-Thru Details 

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June 8

Parent Survey

Morning Haigh Community,

Our school district would like your feedback on the upcoming school year. When possible, please complete the survey below. This will provide our district office with background information that will be helpful when planning for next year. Thank you for your help and time 🙂

Mr. Short

School ReOpen Committee Parent Survey #1


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June 7

End of the Year

We’ve made it to the end of the year and how bittersweet it is. I wish so badly we were in the classroom celebrating and doing all the fun things we do this week. My heart hurts that this school year went the way it did and that my time got cut short with my students. We had almost 7 fun months together and created memories that I will never forget. I am so proud of how hard everyone worked from home and all the learning that took place. I can’t thank you enough parents, for your support and partnership not only through this pandemic but the entire year. I am so thankful for all of you and my class. I made a video using the pictures I had from this year. I feel sad that we missed out on more field trips, field day, end of year picnic, assemblies. etc. I usually have so many more pictures but we lost out on 3 months, some of the best, exciting months of school 🙁 But I hope you enjoy the video, be sure to show your child!

There will be an optional, but highly encouraged, digital memory book posted to Seesaw tomorrow. Please make sure your child listens to the audio part for me, as I left them a little goodbye message. I am looking forward to seeing their memory books, and I hope they enjoy looking at their friends’ books and commenting on them as well.

If you have a chromebook, you can keep that for over the summer. Haigh will touch base with you in the Fall about them.

We are holding a goodbye wave parade this Thursday, June 11th, from 10-11:30 am. I will be standing on Silvery Lane, where I usually am for supply pick up, holding a sign for my students to see! I hope if you’re able to driveby you can, for I would LOVE to see my students’ smiling faces before we begin summer break, a well deserved break for all. Also, if you ordered a yearbook, I will pass it to you at this time as well.

I hope you all have a happy, healthy, relaxing, and safe summer break! I pray that we can all be together again at Haigh in the fall. Please know that I am here anytime, for questions or even just to say hello! THANK YOU!!!!!

Here is the video:

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May 31

Remote Learning Schedule Week 11

Hi Families!

I can’t believe we are entering into our 11th week of distance learning and that it will be June tomorrow. What a crazy year we’ve had. I am so proud of the hard work everyone has put into learning at home. This is the last week of academic assignments, and there is only Math and Reading for the week. Your child can take pictures of all pages and upload to Seesaw. I won’t be making assignment spots on Google Classroom this week.

Next week, I will be posting a Digital Memory Book on Monday. The kids can complete it all on one day, or do a little day by day. It will be a fun last activity and they’ll be able to see the class journal with everyone’s memory books posted.

I hope everyone is enjoying these days with family and staying healthy. One more week after this one! Here is the schedule for week 11.


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May 25

Remote Learning Week 10

Happy Memorial Day and Eid Mubarak to those who celebrate! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and was able to enjoy the beautiful weather we had.

We are heading into week 10 of distance learning (I can’t believe it) and another 4-day week. There are no Spelling or Writing assignments this week. The only writing they will do is answering some short response questions in their Reading Books. We are focusing on Math, Reading, and Social Studies this week. You can submit assignments on Seesaw or Google Classroom. Next week will only be Math and Reading as we start to cut down on the workload. The last week of school will simply be a fun, digital memory book that I want the kids to complete and view their classmates as well.

For Social Studies, just try to do what you can. It’s one of the last standards we need to cover for 2nd grade so I want them to at least read and respond. Any questions, please don’t hesitate.

Here is the schedule:


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May 17

Remote Learning Week 9

Hi Parents,

We are ready to begin Week 9. I hope everyone is healthy and well. Hopefully, we start to see consistently nice weather and brighter days ahead 🙂 This week is a 4-day week, as well as next week, due to Memorial Day.

This week will be the last week for Spelling Words. We are focusing on prefixes this week and there are activities on Seesaw for each day, no Spelling Test this week. For Reading, we are moving on to Unit 4- Craft and Structure in Literature. There will be a short video posted each day for your child to watch as they complete their lesson. For Writing, I kept it simple this week with a short Memorial Day writing and discussing what our freedoms mean to us. The assignment is posted on Google Classroom (as well as on this schedule) with a video to watch for background info about Memorial Day and a writing sheet they can type directly on.

For Social Studies, the assignment for the week is posted under Monday. This ties in with Memorial Day and learning about The Pledge of Allegiance. You can print the papers or access this assignment on Google Classroom to type directly on. Submit there or on Seesaw if you print them.

For Math, I skipped a few lessons to get to the end of Module 6. Students will be learning about even and odd numbers this week. I will begin posted 3-4 lessons a week because I want to cover some content in Module 7 before the end of the year. I will go lighter on writing and eliminate spelling in the weeks ahead to make up for more work in Math. This week there are 4 lessons, 17-20. Please send a picture to Seesaw or upload in Google Classroom.

I will check work for Week 9 by Monday night, so there is extra time to complete the work this week. I hope everyone has a nice, relaxing long weekend ahead. I will post Week 10 schedule Monday night.

Schedule Week 9:


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May 13

Desk/Locker Student Belongings Pick-UP

Per Mr. Short

Resource PickUp Days: 

  • Tuesday, May 19th, 1:00-3:00pm ( I will be here this day only)
  • Wednesday, May 20th, 1:00-3:00pm  

Drive Thru Service 

  1. Parents please tape a sign on your passenger door that has the first name, last name, and teacher of your students. 
  2. K-2 parents please pick up items using the Silvery Lane Drop Off, 3-5 parents please pick up items using the Coburn Drop Off lane. 
  3. Items will be placed in your trunk for you. If you are returning items please place them in your trunk in a bag that is labeled with your teacher’s name or the library. 

****Following these procedures will keep everyone safe and healthy!!****–

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May 10

Remote Learning Schedule Week 8

Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing moms who I am so lucky to know! I hope you had an awesome day today!

Below is the schedule for this week. I will be at the school this Thursday, from 1-3 pm, passing out supplies I packed up from their lockers and desks:( It was a sad and numbing task to complete, in which I never imagined having to do in my teaching career. Everything is packed up and ready for you to take home. I also have something else to give my students when you come, so I’m hoping you can all make it so I can say goodbye 🙁 It will be a pick up in front of the school, no need to get out of car. More details to come from Mr. Short and I’ll send out a reminder as it nears.

For this week, we are learning about past and present tense verbs for Spelling, moving on to Lesson 13 for Reading-Author’s Purpose, and we are doing another week of Opinion Writing. This week, the blueprint will be the final draft. Please make sure to watch the video posted on Monday under “Writing”, this shows what is expected for this week. Also, each day for Reading, there is a mini-lesson video posted by me, this is the part where your child can follow along with me and their Common Core Ready books. For Math, we are moving forward to Lessons 11 and 12. For Science, there are 2 fun Mystery Science videos posted. No work needs to be done for this, simply watch the videos, and have your child think about the questions I posted on the schedule.

If you are looking for more work, take a look at the “Additional Learning Opportunities” at the bottom of the schedule.

Have a great week and I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing all of you on Thursday at the school.

Mrs. Izbicki

Schedule Week 8:


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May 3

Remote Learning Schedule Week 7

Hi parents,

Here we are starting week 7 of distance learning. Makes me so sad to think it’s been that long since I’ve last been in the classroom with your children 🙁 Below is the schedule for this week. Many of you came to pick up the Math and Reading books last week and I’m so thankful for that, it should be a little easier from here on our having those books and not having to print resources.

This week, we are studying suffixes for Spelling, looking at nonfiction text features for Reading, working on Opinion writing, and continuing with Module 6, lessons 9 and 10.

For Spelling, all of the activities are linked to Seesaw. Please remember that you can access the links and view them through this schedule as well, but most are attached to Seesaw as well. I put two Mother’s Day activities for Thursday/Friday into the schedule on Seesaw for your child to complete (hopefully independently so you can be surprised)! Celebrating Mother’s Day will look a little different this year and doing cute, little crafts with ym students to surprise and gift you mothers with is one of my favorite things to do. I’m so sad we can’t do that this year, but I didn’t want it to go unnoticed.

For Writing, I made a video showing and explaining what is required this week. It is posted under Monday writing. Everything that is required should be done through Google Classroom, they can type directly on those docs there, not through the schedule links. The final draft is a Google Doc that they will have to create through GC. There should be 3 attachments in total when it’s time to submit.

For Reading, we are using out Common Core Ready books. I have posted mini-lesson videos for each day, as I would like your child to have their book out and ready while watching my video lesson (tried to set up as we used to do in class). Once they complete the independent practice, a simple picture and upload to Seesaw will do. The passages your child will read are Science & Social Studies themed, so I made the Readworks articles optional for this week, if you wanted the extra work.

For Math, we will move forward to Lessons 9 & 10. Please remember to have your child be prepared with a paper and pencil while watching the video to work through any problems and the application problem. You can submit these assignments through Google Classroom by taking a picture ad uploading as an attachment, or upload a picture to Seesaw.

These assignments can be turned in through Sunday. I fill out a log with how often your child participated and completed that week’s assignments Sunday evening.

Office Hours- I am available though class Dojo every day from 9-3. If there is a time you would like to facetime or chat about something specific, we can set that up. It was a rough week last week not being able to see all my students’ smiling faces with the cancellation of Zoom and Google Meet in the district. There is only one way of doing a video chat and that is something called BBB, but it’s through a learning platform that we are not a part of yet as a class. With only 5 more weeks left of school, we have decided as a grade-level not to put that burden on you as parents. Please know that any time your child would like to talk to me or FaceTime me, I would be more than happy to do so. Just let me know and we can arrange it.

Have a great week ahead and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you amazing moms out there-parenting, working, and homeschooling! I hope you are spoiled this weekend 🙂


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April 26

Remote Learning Week 6

Hi Parents!

Thank you for working hard last week and for the participation I had. Below is the schedule for Week 6. For this week, I will be adding assignments on Seesaw as the day it’s due approaches. I’m doing this because I don’t want all the assignments done in one day, then the other 4 days we aren’t working on ELA. It’s important to pace out the lessons so that our students are only working for about 15 minutes each day in each subject area. The suggested pacing for each lesson is on the schedule and it’s important to try to follow this as best as we can. I know there may be some days we can’t do anything so then we may complete 2 activities in one day, that’s fine. I just don’t want all the work being completed by Tuesday then having the rest of the week doing nothing. For Writing, it’s important that we try to follow the suggested pacing as well. When we complete writing in school, it takes us weeks to go through the writing process to get to our final draft.

Our writing assignment this week should be done on Google Classroom- if you have not joined our class yet the code is: hvrvwzg.

I have also put the codes on the schedule to join the special Google Classrooms (if they have one) so your child can make sure they are keeping up with those classes as well.

Unfortunately, as many of you have heard, we are not allowed to use Google Meet or Zoom anymore, due to the inappropriate behavior of some students in the district. I was heartbroken to hear this, as those 2 meetings a week are what brought me a sense of community and normal during this unprecedented time and online teaching. Your child can facetime me any time they want and I encourage them to keep in contact with their friends, Facebook messenger for kids is a GREAT way to see and talk to each other.

I sent out a Dojo message this morning about chrome book pick up as well as math and reading books from me. Other teachers will be passing out resources on Friday, but since I will be there for chrome books I have permission to do this. If you aren’t able to come tomorrow between 1-3:30, you can come Friday. We will be outside in front of the school, so no need to get out of cars, it will be a pull up- hand out system.

Thanks for your support and cooperation during online learning.


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