April 26

Remote Learning Week 6

Hi Parents!

Thank you for working hard last week and for the participation I had. Below is the schedule for Week 6. For this week, I will be adding assignments on Seesaw as the day it’s due approaches. I’m doing this because I don’t want all the assignments done in one day, then the other 4 days we aren’t working on ELA. It’s important to pace out the lessons so that our students are only working for about 15 minutes each day in each subject area. The suggested pacing for each lesson is on the schedule and it’s important to try to follow this as best as we can. I know there may be some days we can’t do anything so then we may complete 2 activities in one day, that’s fine. I just don’t want all the work being completed by Tuesday then having the rest of the week doing nothing. For Writing, it’s important that we try to follow the suggested pacing as well. When we complete writing in school, it takes us weeks to go through the writing process to get to our final draft.

Our writing assignment this week should be done on Google Classroom- if you have not joined our class yet the code is: hvrvwzg.

I have also put the codes on the schedule to join the special Google Classrooms (if they have one) so your child can make sure they are keeping up with those classes as well.

Unfortunately, as many of you have heard, we are not allowed to use Google Meet or Zoom anymore, due to the inappropriate behavior of some students in the district. I was heartbroken to hear this, as those 2 meetings a week are what brought me a sense of community and normal during this unprecedented time and online teaching. Your child can facetime me any time they want and I encourage them to keep in contact with their friends, Facebook messenger for kids is a GREAT way to see and talk to each other.

I sent out a Dojo message this morning about chrome book pick up as well as math and reading books from me. Other teachers will be passing out resources on Friday, but since I will be there for chrome books I have permission to do this. If you aren’t able to come tomorrow between 1-3:30, you can come Friday. We will be outside in front of the school, so no need to get out of cars, it will be a pull up- hand out system.

Thanks for your support and cooperation during online learning.


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