LA 5/6 – Class Info

Final Exams:
Semester 1 Study Guide: LA 5 Midterm Expectations (1)

Midterm Review – Speeches –

Rhetorical Devices Review –

“The Crucible” Midterm Review –

Unit 8 – “Of Mice & Men” – refer to the “OMAM” blog page

Unit 7 – “The Great Gatsby” – refer to the “Gatsby” blog page

Unit 6 – The Harlem Renaissance

“Their Eyes Were Watching God” – refer to blog page

Harlem Background Video –

Unit 5 – “Frederick Douglass” – Refer to the “Douglass” blog page

Unit 4 – Transcendentalism Resources:

In-Class Essay Directions: Self-Reliance In-Class Essay Directions – 50 minute timed essay written in pen 

Walden or Life in the Woods Novel – walden-or-life-in-the-woods

Emerson – Self Reliance Essay –

Thoreau – Civil Disobedience Essay –

Unit 3 – American Frontier

Unit 5 Project – Picture Summary Board & Presentation – Directions/Rubric – LA 5_6 – Unit 3 American Frontier – Picture Summary Project (1)

“Story of an Hour” Text  & Writing Response Question – Story of an Hour Text and Questions

“Story of an Hour” Reading Questions – Story of an Hour – Reading Questions

“The Outcasts of Poker Flat” Text and Analysis Questions – The Outcasts of Poker Flat Text and Questions

“The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” Text and Analysis Questions –  The Notorius Jumping Frog of Calaveras County Text and Questions

Unit 3 Introduction & Brainstorm – Unit 3 – Frontiers & American Literature (1860-1900)

Unit 2 – “The Crucible” – Refer to the “Crucible” blog page

Unit 1 – Rhetorical Speech Summative Assignment & Rubric – Unit 1 – Rhetorical Speech – Summative Assignment (1)

The following examples show both what to do (supportive to your speech topics and easy to read/see) and what not to do (bright colors, too much on one slide, etc). Please refer to these examples while creating your visual representation for your speech:

Student Sample – Typed Copy of Speech Example – Teacher Merit Pay Essay (1)

Student Sample – Visual Presentation Example – Merit Pay for Teachers Presentation

MLA Citations & Format:

Citation Generator:


MLK “Letter from Birmingham Jail” – letter_birmingham_jail

“Birmingham Jail” Analysis Questions – letter-from-birmingham-jail-analysis-questions

Daryl Davis TED Talk “Why I, as a black man, attend KKK rallies” –

“Ballot or Bullet” Speech – Malcolm X Speech Transcript – the-ballot-or-the-bullet

“Ballot or Bullet” Speech – Video

Malcolm X Biography Article –

Rhetorical Explanation & Examples MLK “Dream” Speech – dream-speech-rhetorical-devices

MLK – Dream Speech – Discussion Questions & Rhetorical Triangle: MLK-Dream Discussion Questions

“I Have a Dream” Speech Transcript – dream-speech

Beginning of the Year Reviews/Lessons:

SOAPStone Notes & Practice Activity – SOAPSTone Notes and Examples

Modes of Discourse Review: modesofdiscourseppt

Growth Mindset Activity, Chart & September Goal Setting Handout – Growth Mindset Lesson (2)

Growth Mindset handout videos:

LA5/6 Syllabus – Language Arts 56 (LA 56) Syllabus

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