AP Lit Fundraiser for Shakespeare Experience

Please kindly share the Go Fund Me link with family and friends to help support our AP Lit students to be able to attend Shakespeare’s “King Lear” play in May 2018 at the Hilberry Theatre in Wayne State University.

This experience will allow our AP Lit students the opportunity to see Shakespeare’s play come to life and further help with understanding his amazing plays and poetry as this trip is just before the AP Lit exam.

Thank you for your help with getting the word out on this fundraiser and any donations you can raise.


Attention AP Lit Students

The first meet up for help with your summer work is coming up on 7/18, from 1-2pm at Panera Bread in Allen Park off of Fairlane. Ms. Durfee will be available for this meeting.

Another meet up will be held in August – TBD – as well.