MONDAY, MARCH 30, 2020


We are now beginning week three assignments. I know life is not the way we want it to be. We still need to find some normalcy. Completing a bit of work will help in that regard. You as a 7th grade student should be reading and writing a bit each day. The assignments selected by all 7th grade science teachers go along with what we would have been learning if we were in school.

Week #3 Assignments are listed below:

IXL Complete Letter Y Natural Resources and Human Impacts. Make sure you are completing the 7th grade portion.

Newsela- Read Earth’s Systems; Natural Resources. Remember to annotate in 10 places. Complete the quiz and the writing. The writing should be 3-5 sentences. This is only a short writing and should be free of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. Remember to proof read by pointing to each word as you read your writing to yourself.

This work is due by Saturday, April 4th at noon. Please email me if you have any questions.

When we return you will need to turn in a report on your science fair. This report should include the following: Science Fair Question, Hypothesis, Procedure, Materials, Research, Independent Variable, Dependent Variable and Control Variables. As you can read, I am not asking for you to complete the experiment. You should have all parts of the science fair project completed up until you would need to do the experiment. This should be typed out neatly and printed. This will be a summative grade when we return to school. Here is a template to help you:

The 321 Article Summary which was due on Friday, March 27th will be turned in when we return to school. It should be completed and placed in your science folder. Since the poster with your article titles is still at school, I do not know each hour’s article title. I do know 2nd hour is Shooting for the Stars, 3rd Hour is Protecting Puffins, 4th hour is School or Bust, 5th hour is In your Element. If a 6th hour students can email me the title for the 321 article summary, I can post it for others. If your magazine is still at school, you can most likely find the article online.

Lastly, I hope everyone is safe and taking the necessary precautions to keep others safe as well. Use this time to enrich yourself. Try learning something new. You can. . . learn the 45 presidents in order, memorize the USA state locations and/or state capitals, learn how to juggle, practice cursive handwriting, memorize some of the Periodic Table of Elements, memorize the coaches of all the NFL/MLB/NHL/ teams along with their mascots. . . There are so many things you can do to enrich YOUR brain. Send me something you have been doing to help yourself be a learner!!!

Stay Safe!

Ms. Duquette

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