Hello Students and Parents,

As was mentioned in the email sent out Friday and in the March 13th blog posting, I will be posting the weekly assignments by Monday. I have been receiving many student emails, so I decided to send this out today.

Students, you are to complete the Newsela reading, writing and quiz by Saturday, March 21st. All completed material will be graded and entered into the grade book.

The first newsela article is “How does Thermometers Measure Temperature.” As you read the article online, you must highlight the text and then annotate in the margins. You should have at least 10 annotations. Three of the annotation must be connections to something from science class. Those annotations should be highlighted in green.

In order to access newsela go to the following:

Once you’re are logged into Newsela you will need to use the code below which corresponds to your science class:


You will also need to complete the IXL. I emailed each student with their Science IXL password and username. The section for Science IXL this week is “B Designing Experiments.” You are to complete Lessons 1-5. Your goal is to get a Smart Score of 80.

Again, this online learning is new to most of us. Please email me if you have any questions. Please avoid commenting via the blog. It is much more efficient to comment via the school email. Students please use your school email.

Please stay healthy,

Ms. Duquette

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