Your child will be getting a bag of words to practice each day.  As your child masters reading those words they will be given new words to add to their bag.  Remember to practice the words daily!

Your child will not get new words until they have mastered reading the words that are in their bag.




1-place all of the words in a neat pile upside down.  Flip over 1 word at a time.  Whoever reads the word correctly first gets to keep the word.  Play continues until all of the words are used from the pile.  Then each player counts to see how many words they have.  The player with the most words wins!

2- Make sentences using the words.  You will probably have to add a word at the end of the sentence or your child could draw a picture to represent that last word.  Then they can copy the words they used to make the sentence to practice writing a sentence.

I     see    a    tree.   (Tree can be a picture or the child can write the sounds that they hear in the word.)



List 1

the       to      is      my      a      go      see      can      I      like      it      we

List 2

in    have    up    me    and    yes    here    look     you     no     said     do

List 3

this     she     are     with     will     on    he     for     all    not     jump      play

List 4

that     am     of     has     by     if     did     so     be     from     as      come

List 5

his     but     boy     away     find     her     had     him      dog      down      help      girl


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