Welcome the new D.R.U.M. and Choir students!!!

Auditions have been completed, and the after school music groups are as follows:

D.R.U.M. Students

Jumana Abbass,  Leena Abdulshafi,  Mahmoud Abdulshafi,  Anwaar Abubaker,  Salam Abubaker,  Rama Alawlaqi,  Omar Aljahmi,  Jameelah Ali,  Nours Alsaadi,  Dania Alsaidi,  Nour Bazzi,  Reem Bazzi,  Kamal Gelan,  Amani Golis,  Sami Hammoud,  Elena Hassoun,  Jana Kodeih,  Maryam Kodeih,  Elena Hassoun,  Maryam Saeed,  Rim Saleh


Choir Students

Mogalli Ahmed,  Mohsen Alasfor,  Sam Ali,  Eman Aljahmi,  Musaid Aljahmi,  Sali Alshafeey,  Mohammad Berro,  Jenna Collins,  Kamal Gelan,  Lamees Hammood,  Yusra Jaber,  Londyn Lewis,  Ayah Saleh,  Rim Saleh,  Hameeda Shareef,  Dalia Sweilen,  Mya Zalghout


They will receive permission slips on Monday, to be returned by first rehearsal. Choir meets Wednesday 3:45-4:30, D.R.U.M. meets Thursday 3:45-4:30.

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After School Ensembles for 2018-19

Hello Miller students and parents!

Information slips have begun being handed out today about our two after school groups this year: one drumming group and a singing group (choir). I am attaching the handouts here, in case you were unable to get a copy from Mr. Keramaris or I. Please read it carefully! As it says, we will be available most days this week and next before and after school to hear students audition for either of the two groups. The last day to audition is October 5th, as Mr. Keramaris and I will finalize the list of students selected for each group and get permission slips to them before our first rehearsal the following week. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you!

Drumming Group Audition Info (With Arabic)

Singing Group Audition Info (With Arabic)

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5th Grade Graduation – Song

5th Grade students have been invited to sing at their graduation next Wednesday. If they are interested in doing so, we are rehearsing Monday, June 11th, 3:35-4pm (this is a corrected date from the handout!)

Attached below is a copy of the permission slip and the song we will sing. Please be aware: If Mr. Keramaris or I do not receive the signed bottom of the slip by the time rehearsal begins on Monday, the student may not stay with us. This is to ensure everyone’s safety, and that we know how they will be going home afterwards.

If there are any questions, please let Mr. Keramaris or I know. Thank you!

5th Grade Graduation Song/Permission Slip

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4th Grade – Recorders Due Monday, May 21st

As it says, May 21st is the due day for recorders and accessories that were passed out in December. If you have paid the $5 to buy yours, you do not need to pass any part of it in to Miss Doan. If any of the items (recorder/bag/cleaning rod/neck strap) is not returned to Miss Doan on May 21st, you will receive a letter with the items marked that you need to pay for. The prices are as follows:

  • Recorder – $2.50
  • Bag – $1.00
  • Neck Strap – $1.00
  • Cleaning Rod – $0.50

This money will go towards buying replacement items for next year. If you have questions, please let me know.

Thank you!

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Spring Concert Videos

Miller students did a wonderful job last week on their concerts. As we said, a representative of Dearborn was there to video each concert, and you can find the links below.

Spring Concert: Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Spring Concert: WBPE, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade

Spring Concert: 5th Grade Strings and Band, 4th Grade, WBPE, and 5th Grade

Hope you all enjoy!

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W.B.P.E. Feb/March Rhythm Projects

W.B.P.E.’s latest project allowed them to work in groups of as many as they wished, towards a goal: a song that included three drums, one of them had to be a doumbek. With these directions alone, they were able to work together to create very different short pieces of music to share with each other. Along with decisions on rhythms and which instruments, students were asked to make choices on the form of the song (order of how they would play and for how long), how they would begin, and how they would end. These are their songs!

Julia and James

Mahmoud, Wassam, and Elyas

Anwaar and Sarah (Dania A helped create)

Mlak, Antsar, and Nour

Dania D, Amira, Reem, Jumana


(Videos can only be viewed if you are signed into your Dearborn Schools email)

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Spring Concert – Rehearsal Sheets

Good morning Miller Singers!

Here are a few files with the songs for grades 3-5. Use them as much as you like to practice for your upcoming concert. Audio tracks are on their way.

Please feel free to comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP

3rd Grade

Song Links: “Billy” (Remember we’re only singing verses 1-5), “Great Big House”“Land of the Silver Birch”

4th Grade

Song Links: “Peace Round” (Know this is with only Part 1 singing, Part 2 will start two measures later on the second time, as rehearsed), “Pat Works on the Railway”

5th Grade

Song Links: “In That Great Gettin’ Up Mornin”“Sing, Sing, Sing”

(These links will only work if you are signed in to your Dearborn Schools email)

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4th Grade Concert Field Trip

Every year the Detroit Symphony Orchestra puts on a concert for the 4th Graders of Dearborn. Today, these students had the opportunity to learn about the instruments of a symphony, proper etiquette when attending a concert, and how they can travel the world through music. It was a wonderful experience!

Mr. Walters and the DSO

Miller Students

Dearborn students playing recorder during a song, with the DSO. Miller 4th Graders will have the chance to audition for this opportunity next year, as 5th Graders.


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4th Grade Recorders – Due Feb. 12th

Reminder to 4th grade recorder students: your first video should be uploaded to Google Classroom by next class (Monday morning). Instructional videos are available on the Classroom, showing you what is expected and how to upload it.

Remember, you may submit as many songs as you wish, and you will receive those yarns or beads the next class.

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4th Grade Recorders – Due Feb. 5th

For all students of Beydoun and Ms. Hammoud (4th Grade), your first assignment on our Google Classroom is due this coming Monday, February 5th. All you need to do is Join the classroom, that is your assignment!

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