Spring Concert Videos

Miller students did a wonderful job last week on their concerts. As we said, a representative of Dearborn was there to video each concert, and you can find the links below.

Spring Concert: Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Spring Concert: WBPE, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade

Spring Concert: 5th Grade Strings and Band, 4th Grade, WBPE, and 5th Grade

Hope you all enjoy!

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W.B.P.E. Feb/March Rhythm Projects

W.B.P.E.’s latest project allowed them to work in groups of as many as they wished, towards a goal: a song that included three drums, one of them had to be a doumbek. With these directions alone, they were able to work together to create very different short pieces of music to share with each other. Along with decisions on rhythms and which instruments, students were asked to make choices on the form of the song (order of how they would play and for how long), how they would begin, and how they would end. These are their songs!

Julia and James

Mahmoud, Wassam, and Elyas

Anwaar and Sarah (Dania A helped create)

Mlak, Antsar, and Nour

Dania D, Amira, Reem, Jumana


(Videos can only be viewed if you are signed into your Dearborn Schools email)

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Spring Concert – Rehearsal Sheets

Good morning Miller Singers!

Here are a few files with the songs for grades 3-5. Use them as much as you like to practice for your upcoming concert. Audio tracks are on their way.

Please feel free to comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP

3rd Grade

Song Links: “Billy” (Remember we’re only singing verses 1-5), “Great Big House”“Land of the Silver Birch”

4th Grade

Song Links: “Peace Round” (Know this is with only Part 1 singing, Part 2 will start two measures later on the second time, as rehearsed), “Pat Works on the Railway”

5th Grade

Song Links: “In That Great Gettin’ Up Mornin”“Sing, Sing, Sing”

(These links will only work if you are signed in to your Dearborn Schools email)

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4th Grade Concert Field Trip

Every year the Detroit Symphony Orchestra puts on a concert for the 4th Graders of Dearborn. Today, these students had the opportunity to learn about the instruments of a symphony, proper etiquette when attending a concert, and how they can travel the world through music. It was a wonderful experience!

Mr. Walters and the DSO

Miller Students

Dearborn students playing recorder during a song, with the DSO. Miller 4th Graders will have the chance to audition for this opportunity next year, as 5th Graders.


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4th Grade Recorders – Due Feb. 12th

Reminder to 4th grade recorder students: your first video should be uploaded to Google Classroom by next class (Monday morning). Instructional videos are available on the Classroom, showing you what is expected and how to upload it.

Remember, you may submit as many songs as you wish, and you will receive those yarns or beads the next class.

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4th Grade Recorders – Due Feb. 5th

For all students of Beydoun and Ms. Hammoud (4th Grade), your first assignment on our Google Classroom is due this coming Monday, February 5th. All you need to do is Join the classroom, that is your assignment!

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Spring Concert Details

Greetings Miller Families!

Mr. Keramaris and I have been going over these details with students during class, and I want to make them available to you now. We will also be sending home a short letter with the same information in the next couple weeks so you have a hard copy. If you have any questions about the details below, feel free to contact me through my blog here, or through my email doant@dearbornschools.org



Kindergarten/1st Grade Concert: Tuesday, April 17th, 4pm

2nd Grade/3rd Grade Concert: Thursday, April 19th, 4pm

4th Grade/5th Grade/W.B.P.E. Concert: Friday, April 20th, 4pm



Blue Miller shirt and black bottoms. This could include black jeans, dress pants, long skirts, or knee-length skirts with black tights or leggings underneath. We are striving for a consistent look for everyone. There is nearly three months between now and the concerts to hopefully make sure everyone has what they need.



A representative from Dearborn Schools will be filming the concerts. This will then be made available on a Dearborn Schools Youtube Channel, which will be shared with me when it is done. I will be posting it here for your access, as well as watching the video with students in class for reflection. This is another reason we are striving for a more professional look with the uniform.


We have already started preparing for these concerts, and look forward to sharing what we’ve been learning with you all in April. We hope you all have the opportunity to attend, and look forward to seeing you.

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WBPE and Recorders


We will NOT be having rehearsal this week. We will pick back up next Thursday as usual. I would also like to announce that our group has finally been finalized, with one more recent addition. Until further notice, there will be no more auditions for this group.



4th Graders were introduced to how we will be testing for recorder songs yesterday. To spend our in-class time wisely, we are utilizing Google Classroom for video submission of songs. Students, please go there for practice files, song sheets, and directions on how to make and upload a video.

If you do not have access to any form of technology for this, we will find time for you to play for me in person when you are ready. But please keep in mind we only have so many hours in a school day to do as such, so do use your technology if you have it. Doing so will allow you to practice and video as many times as you need to, and send only your best to me for the grade.

If you have any questions, let me know through Google Classroom (as others already have).

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Singalong Song Lineup

As someone has asked, and for those who may want to practice on their own beforehand, here is a list of the songs we will be singing. Again, if we have not worked on them in class, but you know them, you are very welcome to singalong with us!


The Snowman

Must Be Santa

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

Jingle Bells

Deck the Hall

Jolly Old St. Nicholas

Up on the Housetop

Frosty the Snowman

Excited to sing with you all!


-Miss Doan-

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Recording Info for 4th Grade

Greetings 4th Grade families,

Your students received their recorders last week, as well as a take-home informational form (attached below). We will be working with these instruments for the following months, and they have been asked to bring their recorder to class every Monday, so they may learn as much as possible in our time together.

In starting on this musical journey, I have found a few songs that they can already practice on their own, if they so choose, over break. Again, this is their choice, if they wish to be ahead of the game when we return.

This is an exciting part of music during this grade, and I really look forward to our time together with this instrument.


Miss Doan

Recorder Letter Home

Recorder Rules

Recorder Song – B Happy

Recorder Song – B Note Boogie

Recorder Song – Just B

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