W.B.P.E. Feb/March Rhythm Projects

W.B.P.E.’s latest project allowed them to work in groups of as many as they wished, towards a goal: a song that included three drums, one of them had to be a doumbek. With these directions alone, they were able to work together to create very different short pieces of music to share with each other. Along with decisions on rhythms and which instruments, students were asked to make choices on the form of the song (order of how they would play and for how long), how they would begin, and how they would end. These are their songs!

Julia and James

Mahmoud, Wassam, and Elyas

Anwaar and Sarah (Dania A helped create)

Mlak, Antsar, and Nour

Dania D, Amira, Reem, Jumana


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