Welcome the new D.R.U.M. and Choir students!!!

Auditions have been completed, and the after school music groups are as follows:

D.R.U.M. Students

Jumana Abbass,  Leena Abdulshafi,  Mahmoud Abdulshafi,  Anwaar Abubaker,  Salam Abubaker,  Rama Alawlaqi,  Omar Aljahmi,  Jameelah Ali,  Nours Alsaadi,  Dania Alsaidi,  Nour Bazzi,  Reem Bazzi,  Kamal Gelan,  Amani Golis,  Sami Hammoud,  Elena Hassoun,  Jana Kodeih,  Maryam Kodeih,  Elena Hassoun,  Maryam Saeed,  Rim Saleh


Choir Students

Mogalli Ahmed,  Mohsen Alasfor,  Sam Ali,  Eman Aljahmi,  Musaid Aljahmi,  Sali Alshafeey,  Mohammad Berro,  Jenna Collins,  Kamal Gelan,  Lamees Hammood,  Yusra Jaber,  Londyn Lewis,  Ayah Saleh,  Rim Saleh,  Hameeda Shareef,  Dalia Sweilen,  Mya Zalghout


They will receive permission slips on Monday, to be returned by first rehearsal. Choir meets Wednesday 3:45-4:30, D.R.U.M. meets Thursday 3:45-4:30.

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