Guitar/Recorder Members 2019-2020

Welcome to those students who have made it into the Miller Guitar/Recorder Group this year! Below are the names of the 5th graders who have been accepted into the group (alphabetical by last name)

We will be sending home permission slips next week. These need to be returned by the first rehearsal: Wednesday, September 25th, 3:45-4:30p. If there are any questions, please contact myself or Mr. Keramaris.

Guitar/Recorder Members

Noor Abdulrab, Leena Abdulshafi, Mahmoud Abdulshafi, Mahdi Alawieh, Yazn Alfakhi, Ameer Ali, Sukina Almansori, Nours Alsaadi, Sali Alshafeey, Sham Alzaied, Yassmina Chadid, Sabella Elorra, Mohamedmehdi Fakih, Kamal Gelan, Lamees Hammood, Sami Hammoud, Yusra Jaber, Shehab Nassor, Shahd Sabbah, Raheek Saleh, Rim Saleh, Yousef Salman

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