March Miller Concerts – Schedule

Families should receive a letter home this week with date and time information for their student’s concert (in the cafeteria), as well as the requested dress and other details. Below you will find the schedule.

Tuesday, March 31st – 2nd and 3rd Grade

1:30pm – Bridgeman and Harrison. Taleb and Whalen

2:30pm – Hammoud, Mikho, and Siciliano. Burgess and Elkadri

Wednesday, April 1st – 4th and 5th Grade (with Kazan’s 3rd/4th Split)

1:30pm – Beydoun, Duering, and Kazan (3/4 Split). Alsabahi and Hammoud

2:30pm – Silva and Traicoff. Moukalled and Zastrow

Thursday, April 2nd – Kindergarten and 1st Grade

1:30pm – Jordan and Mills. Donelson, Hauck, and Wall

2:30pm – Baskin, Drabczyk, and Mroue. Makim and Musleh

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