Kindergarten Newsletter Week of Sept. 17-21

Happy 4th week of kindergarten! We are looking forward to another fantastic week!

We would like to remind you of a few things. Please remember, your child needs to bring a healthy snack to school EVERYDAY! They also need to bring their homework folder , reading and math bags to school every day. Check your child’s folder each day and remove the papers that do not need to come back to school.  

The reading and math bag contains homework items for your child. Please work with these items for 20 minutes each day. All children need to wear gym shoes to school every day. Thank you for your teamwork in helping your child with these responsibilities!


Wednesday, September 19th is Late Start 9:30 start time.

Next Friday, September 28th – NO SCHOOL FOR KINDERGARTEN ONLY

Letters: We will review the letters Tt and Aa and introduce the letters Cc and Dd . Your child will need to identify these letters and the sounds they make. Please practice these letters at home everyday.

Math homework:

Monday: p. 35 

Tuesday: p.39   

Wednesday: p.43   

Thursday p.47

Friday use math bag to play a game

Name Practice: Recognizing and writing names are very important and will be practiced every day!

Please be sure there are no backwards letters and that only the first letter is uppercase. The rest of the name should be lowercase.

Ex.   Mohamed not…MOHAMED or mohamed.

Reading: This week we will be  listening for words that rhyme in our poems and nursery rhymes. We will also practice listening and answering  questions during a story. This is a comprehension strategy to help your child remember what was being read. We will also practice identifying beginning sounds of words. So far, we have introduced 2 of the 5 Daily Choices. The children are now independently doing Read to Self and Work on Writing. We will introduce Word Work this week. We are still encouraging the children to practice the 3 Ways to Read a Book. (1. Read the pictures 2. Read the words 3. Re-tell the story)

Please practice the following sight words: (These are words your child needs to recognize and read by sight.)

Review:     my   a see      like             NEW words this week will be:   to   is

Math:We will continue to sort and group numbers to 5 this week. We will also work on counting to 100.

Math Bags: Your child will have a math bag to take home each day. It will have math tools and games that you can use to reinforce the math concepts being taught in the classroom.

Science: We will begin our Earth Science Unit on Trees. This week we will learn the parts of a tree.

Social Studies:  We will continue a unit called “How to Get Along with Others”. This week we will talk about what it means to be fair and responsible.

Writing: We will write to tell a personal story. This is called a personal narrative. The children will write using detailed drawings as well as their ability to tell us about their story. Children will also be encouraged to write with “words”. Please encourage your child to “write” at home.

Math Bags

Your child brought home their math bag today.  The math bag has tools to use at home to practice math skills like their reading bag.  Right now there are shape flash cards and a five frame game that your child learned how to play today!  Please keep all of the supplies in the bag so they can use them in class and new tools can be added throughout the year.  Here are a few pictures of the students enjoying the game.

2 students playing a math game 2 students playing a math game 2 students playing a math game 3 students playing a math game 2 students playing a math game 2 students playing a math game 2 students playing a math game

Open House

Open House is TONIGHT (9/13) from 6:00-7:30.

Come prepared to sign up for a conference time in November.  There are three nights to pick from.  You need to pick 1 time to come and get your child’s first report card and discuss how they are doing.

Check your calendar!

Thursday, November 8

Tuesday, November 13

Thursday, November 15

Open House is a night to have FUN with your child.  You get to visit every classroom and see all of their teachers.  Teachers will NOT discuss how your child is doing, that is saved for parent-teacher conferences.

Come and have a great time!

I hope to see everyone.


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Tuesday, September 4th

Remember that Tuesday Sept. 4th is a FULL day of school.  If your child rides the bus then they will be able to ride the bus to and home from school beginning Sept. 4th.

Please make sure you send in a healthy snack for the afternoon.  We eat lunch at 11:00 in the morning so we do NOT have a snack in the morning, just the afternoon.

This may be a difficult transition for some kindergarteners again.  Remember they have been home for 4 days.  Please make sure your child gets a good night rest.   Bedtime should be no later than 8:00.  A good breakfast will help them too.  Make sure you talk about school and how much fun they had last week and that they will get to see all of their new friends tomorrow.

Be positive and this will help your child be positive.  Reassure them that you will pick them up at the end of the day or meet them at the bus stop, if they ride the bus.

Remember to label your child’s backpack with their name.  If they ride the bus you should also write their bus number on their backpack too!

Image result for school bus

Welcome to Kindergarten!  We are going to have an exciting year filled with lots of learning and fun.

Make sure you visit my blog at least once a week.  I will update the site weekly but if there is a lot of new information I will update it more often.

Remember to visit the websites that are listed in the left hand column.  There are some great sites and games to help support your child’s learning.



If you have any questions or concerns you may write me a note and place it in your child’s homework folder.  You may also call the office and leave me a message. You may also call and leave a message on my voicemail.

I will call you back at my earliest convenience. (It may be on a prep time, before or after school)  If you call the office, they will not put your call through directly to me.  It is important to stay on a schedule and to have uninterrupted time to focus on learning.  Every time I take a call during the day that means the children are missing out on learning.