This Week in Review

In Science we worked on completing Layers of the atmosphere foldable, and Layers of the atmosphere grid, and “The Amazing Atmosphere” worksheet.  As well as our diagrams of the water cycle.

 Today the students were given a paper copy of the study guide for their test on cloud formation, Atmosphere, and the water cycle.  Everything students need to be successful on this test is in google classroom.  THE TEST IS MONDAY!!!!!!!   Many students have asked what they can do to bring their grade up in science.  Since this test is a summative  grade they need to do well in order to pass science.  There will be NO RETAKES or  CORRECTIONS before the end of the semester.

Student Goal Setting Worksheet was sent home with first and second hour.  It has their fall and winter test scores.  Have a conversation with your child about working toward their goal and what they need to do to reach their goal by spring.  Please have your child fill out this worksheet sign and date it and return it to school.  Third and Fourth hour sheets have been printed and will be sent home Monday.

Monday students who did not finish the NWEA test for Science will be given time 7th hour. 

In Math this week we started the pilot of the second math series this year.   The subject the students explored this week was Exponents. They have problem solving and practice sheets for homework daily. 

Monday they will be taking the NWEA test for Math!

This week in review

This week in science we took the NWEA winter session test.  Many students finished but a few will hopefully finish on Tuesday. I will be sending home reports again to have signed and returned.  We also worked on The Water Cycle unit.  We started our unit before break with a simulation exercise. The students assumed the role of a water molecule and traveled from station to station depending on what they rolled on the die at that station.  They kept a log of where they began and what happened to them as they traveled through the water cycle.  They then created a picture of their travels.  A test on the water cycle is coming soon.

In Math this week we worked on scientific notation and exponents and finished our ratio, proportion and rate work in IXL.   A bellwork quiz was given and has been graded and entered into the gradebook.  The students had no homework this week in hopes of them completing missing work.  Unfortunately I had very few students turn in any missing work. Please check parent connect and speak to your child about completing assignments.   Many students could use this time over the long weekend to complete some assignments.   The end of the card marking is rapidly approaching.

Week in Review

We had a short week.  I hope everyone enjoys their time off with their family.

This week in science we concluded our thermal energy unit.  We explored the essential question What does potential and kinetic energy get transformed into because of friction?  The students spent two days working on a skate park lab.  It has been graded on effort and entered into the grade book.  If your child got less than a 29 or 30 please speak to them about using their time wisely.

In math we worked on ratio and proportions in IXL and for bell work.  A two question exit quiz was given for ratio word problems. They have been graded and posted.  The homework is also current so if anything is showing as incomplete or missing in student connect they should be working on it over the break.


Grades Are Done

This week in science we continued to explore the essential question  What are the three types of heat transfer? I brought in popcorn and used three different heat transfer methods to cook it for the class.  They enjoyed the popcorn while drawing and discussing the methods of heat transfer in their groups.  We also watched a video and used a website to add to the notes.  Ask your child to see pages 19-24 of their cognitive notebook.

In math we continued to work on our number sustained learning over time unit looking at finding GCF thru prime factorization.  Then using the GCF to simplify fractions.  We also used our new book to round decimals, look for patterns, read graphs, and organize information.

The grade book for the first marking period has closed,  and I have posted grades.


Week in Review


The students took a cognitive notebook quiz this week.  We are on page 17.  Many students did not have what they needed for class today.  Please make sure your students notebook is up to date. We are working on Refine, Revise, and Reflect strategy for our anchor phenomenon the balloon in the freezer.  We spent quite a bit of class time refining our diagrams on page 14 of the cognitive notebook.  Since the quiz and having the class log on to google classroom two days last week, many students have decided to start their notebook over.  Unfortunately they did not bring what they needed for class today.  It is important that they have pages 14-17 completed and their notebooks in class tomorrow.  If they go to google classroom they can rewatch the view from class(Shrink a Balloon page 17/slide 34)  and (the hot and cold experiment page 16 /slide 27) from last week located in the Thermal Energy Slide Show.  Make sure to select present under the view option at the top to activate the links for the views.  Then just go to the slide and click on the picture to view the video.


A bellwork quiz was given and is now graded.  Also the slide show for the first section of of the new text book has been added to Google classroom.  Students need to be bringing a binder , ISN, Bell work notebook, Core Connections toolkit, and their homework to class every day.  Their are many students who could benefit from Tuesday and Thursday after school help.   10/26 is the last day to turn in late or missing work for this card marking.  All  Bellwork quizzes should be 100%.  Retakes are available on tuesday and Thursday this week.  All work from the dates of the quizzes must be completed first.

MoCI Fundraiser

Stout Middle School MoCI Fundraiser

Please help support our MoCI students.

They will be attending several Community Based Instruction trips this year.

We need to raise money to help us do this.

Please help support us.

When:  Friday October 27th

Time: 12-10 pm

Where: 22000 Ford Rd, Dearborn Heights, MI 48127


*Please make sure to tell them you are there for the Stout Fundraiser.Stout Moci Wayback Fundraiser

This Week in Review


This week in science we concluded our engineering unit.  The students should of complete their reflective questions on the tower prototype on page 12 of their cognitive science notebook.

In addition they completed a Summative assessment of the engineering method by writing a report to the city planner about a bridge they plan to build.  They included terms like form, structure, reinforcement,  model, design, prototype, collaboration, infer, observe, evidence,  and engineering design process.

We also started a new unit on thermal energy.  Our driving question is What causes feelings of hot and cold?

NWEA score reports went home and the students used the reports to fill out the “My Science Learning Plan” portion of their planner.


This week the students took a bellwork quiz on ratio, prime numbers, greatest common factor(GCF), and the divisibility rules.  We also introduced using the GCF to simplify fractions.

The program we are piloting has arrived.  In class everyone logged on to the ebook.  They can access the online book through my blog.  There is a link on the side of the page under “class link”  they just have to  sign on with google (A RED RECTANGLE).  A letter went home that should be returned if your child does not have access to the internet.

The student worked through a scavenger hunt to help familiarize them with how the book is set up.  There are math notes at the end of every section.  They can also find these in the core connections course 1 toolkit.  They will be receiving them on Monday.  The focus of the first chapter is to introduce some of the big concepts of the math course, such as organizing data and using mathematical reasoning to make predictions.   They will develop several ways to represent (or show) mathematical ideas.  They will represent ideas using numbers, and symbols, diagrams, words, and various kinds of tables.


Tuesday and Thursday After School Help

I am available to help your children get caught up on missing work and to get organized.   If your child plans to stay please write a note letting me know you are aware of where they are staying.  If they are with me they can ride the afterschool activity bus that leaves at 5:00.  You can send a snack with your child to help curb their hunger pangs. 

NWEA Student Goal Setting Worksheet

Three of the four science and the math students had their fall test scores sent home on a student goal setting worksheet.  Please review this with your child.    Students who set goals and a plan for achieving them score higher than other students on standardized test.  If your child is in my second hour science class look for their scores tomorrow.

Math Students

We have been chosen to pilot a new math Curriculum.  Over the next couple of months, your child will need access to the internet for homework on a daily basis.  If your child does not have consistent or reliable internet access (examples include, but are not limited to phone, computer, tablet, library, etc.) please sign and return the form sent home with your child.

Student missing work reports went home today.   The grade shown on the report are incorrect.  The missing assignments were not counting against the grade.  Please check student connect for current grade.  Last day to receive 50% credit is on 10/27/2017.   All late assignments in Math can be turned in for 50% credit.  The assignments are corrected in class and when the student does not bring their work to class they are missing out on an opportunity to ask questions and learn.

Week in Review

In science the students continued to explore the essential question how can failure lead to innovation?

They worked through the redesign portion of the engineering method.  Built their redesigns and completed data tables and reflective questions about the towers.  (tower prototype slide show on google classroom has more details.)

In math we continued to work on our number systems unit.  Topics for bell work this week included ratio, listing factors, prime numbers, greatest common factor and divisibility rules.


3rd Hour Science and 5/6 Math Class Students

Yesterday I was out for some medical testing and did not receive a positive report from the substitute for either class.  She reported the students were very disrespectful.  “Throwing things”, “out of their seats”, “talking back”, “super loud” were some of the comments.  I spoke to the students about treating a guest with respect.  Listening and following directions when given.  Any reinforcement you can give your child on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

The gradebook has been updated for math and several students are not doing well!!!!  It is important to come to class prepared and turn in all assignments.  Google classroom is a great resource for catching up on missing work.

If students would like to stay after school for help in getting organized and caught up, it is possible.  If they are with me for study hall or after school help they can ride the activity bus home.   Arrangements must be made ahead of time to make sure I am available and the parent is aware they are staying.



This Week in Review


This week the students took the NWEA test in Science.  I also had available for the students links to metric measurement sites to reinforce metric measurement.  The links were published on the about tab of google classroom.

Wednesday and Friday were the two instructional days this week for science.   We continued to explore the essential question: How can failure lead to innovation?

The Learning objectives for Science were:


Content Objective: I can analyze the engineering design process by creating notes in my interactive science notebook .

Language Objective: I can  write to paraphrase the engineering design process in my notebook.


Content Objective: I can develop a model of a tower using the engineering design process.

Language Objective: I can orally defend my tower design to my teammates using justification of the design elements.


The students who have me for math also took the NWEA.   We have been working in Khan Academy on an introduction to Ratio & Proportions.  The students have also been working to add to their summer learning minutes.  The only day we did not go on computers was Wednesday.  They finished an activity that was started last week where they used fruit loops to model ratios.


Content Objective: I can apply my understanding of ratios and proportions by modeling using fruit loops.

Language Objective: I can write ratios and proportions in three different ways.

Check Parent Connect

The grade book is updated.  I have input any work I have received.  Missing assignments can still be turned in for half credit. Details and copies of handouts in google classroom. (see post from 9/14/2017 for details on how to sign up.) Discuss with your child the importance of turning in work on time!

Student Request

Today a student in one of my science classes requested I post on my blog the criteria for the first two formative assignments.  I have decided that the best way to handle this is through  Google classroom.  If you would like access to the notes and criteria for the science assignments you may join my google classroom using the code: 4uwhnmk.  This class will only be for information dissemination and students will not be able to turn in assignments through google classroom.  In the future if we have more access to classroom sets of computers I will set up classes for each hour to turn in assignments.  

First Week and Second Week

Last week the students enjoyed acclimating themselves to the building.  In science and math the students took part in some information gathering, introductions of their classmates and team building activities.

Math students took a quick non graded assessment to see if they have the prerequisite skills needed to Start the unit on Proportions and Ratio.

Their first formative grade came from following directions and completing a name card for display on their desks. The additional formative grade from last week will be based on their completion of the summer learning through moby max and Khan Academy.  It is not too late to log the minutes required.  They will have until the end of September to complete this.  If last year you were not  student of Dearborn Public Schools,  you will be excused from this assignment.

This week we will be setting up Science and Math Notebooks.  Along with starting our first exploration as Engineers.

Math Class will begin Ratio and Proportions as well as work on prerequisite skills.



A New School Year

Summer is Almost Over

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is already Labor Day!  The teachers at Stout Middle School have been back to work this past week.  Everyone has been working hard to prepare for the students return on Tuesday.

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  I am beginning my twenty-third year of teaching.  I started my career in Detroit Public schools teaching fourth grade.  I spent three years in Detroit at the elementary level before coming to Dearborn Public Schools.   I taught for fifteen years at Woodworth Middle School.  During my tenure at Woodworth I taught all three grades mostly math and science.  For the past five years I have been teaching at the elementary level for Dearborn.  Most of that time was spent at Snow elementary.  That makes coming back to middle school at Stout very exciting.  I am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting many new ones.

Enjoy what is left of the summer with friends and family.  I am excited about the new school year!  I will see you

Ms. Distelrath