This Week in Review


This week the students took the NWEA test in Science.  I also had available for the students links to metric measurement sites to reinforce metric measurement.  The links were published on the about tab of google classroom.

Wednesday and Friday were the two instructional days this week for science.   We continued to explore the essential question: How can failure lead to innovation?

The Learning objectives for Science were:


Content Objective: I can analyze the engineering design process by creating notes in my interactive science notebook .

Language Objective: I can  write to paraphrase the engineering design process in my notebook.


Content Objective: I can develop a model of a tower using the engineering design process.

Language Objective: I can orally defend my tower design to my teammates using justification of the design elements.


The students who have me for math also took the NWEA.   We have been working in Khan Academy on an introduction to Ratio & Proportions.  The students have also been working to add to their summer learning minutes.  The only day we did not go on computers was Wednesday.  They finished an activity that was started last week where they used fruit loops to model ratios.


Content Objective: I can apply my understanding of ratios and proportions by modeling using fruit loops.

Language Objective: I can write ratios and proportions in three different ways.

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