3rd Hour Science and 5/6 Math Class Students

Yesterday I was out for some medical testing and did not receive a positive report from the substitute for either class.  She reported the students were very disrespectful.  “Throwing things”, “out of their seats”, “talking back”, “super loud” were some of the comments.  I spoke to the students about treating a guest with respect.  Listening and following directions when given.  Any reinforcement you can give your child on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

The gradebook has been updated for math and several students are not doing well!!!!  It is important to come to class prepared and turn in all assignments.  Google classroom is a great resource for catching up on missing work.

If students would like to stay after school for help in getting organized and caught up, it is possible.  If they are with me for study hall or after school help they can ride the activity bus home.   Arrangements must be made ahead of time to make sure I am available and the parent is aware they are staying.



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