Live Meets are back!

The new platform for live meets is BIG BLUE BUTTON all students access this through the ILEARN course for each subject. This weekend all of my math students were enrolled in a course titled “Distelrath Sixth Grade Math-2020 Remote Learning. All of the science students are already enrolled in a course called Distelrath 6th grade Science 2019-2020.

I-Learn can be accessed through the student portal on the district’s home page. Once in I learn in the upper left part of the page click on my classes for a drop down menu, then select the right course to join the class. Once in I learn click on the Big Blue Button at the top of the page under annouceements.

A new schedule is attached in the link below. We will be following the student’s schedule with live meets on Monday and Wednesday for my Math students and Tuesday Live meets for Science.

Chromebook Distribution

Stout will once again be distributing chromebooks! Every student may have their own chromebook. This means that if you already got a chromebook from Stout and you have a brother or sister who also attends Stout they may also pick up a chromebook. You must fill out the form included in this post to reserve your chromebook.

Click on the link to fill out your reservation.

Spring Break is Here

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you are staying safe. Spring break starts at 3:00 today. Please enjoy your time off from remote learning.

Details are still being worked out as to how the Governor’s decision to close the physical school buildings for the rest of the year will affect what is required of us. As sad as I am that I will not be able to see you in the classroom it does not mean the learning will stop. Stay tuned for more details. I will share them with you as they become available.

For now enjoy this time with your family, take advantage of the opportunity to expand your experiences, grow at little each day, challenge your comfort zone, but most of all stay safe.

Signs of Spring Take Two!

What a difference ten days make. Check out the photos below to see how the plants have changed. I also added a couple of new plants as well. Hopefully everyone is getting a chance to go outside to explore and get fresh air. Make sure to check google classroom for more assignments. Stay Safe!

Just for Fun

Here is a puzzle to try just for fun. Check Google classroom for more assignments and announcements.

Email me you answer! It is not as easy as it seems!

Congratulations to Gabriel Beauchamp for being the first student to correctly complete the puzzle!

Keep up the great work!

Hopefully this finds everyone in good health. It is a great opportunity to spend some time with your loved ones. Health and safety is our first priority. Stay safe and do not stress! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Even though the school buildings are closed the learning does not stop! Remote learning can be exciting as well as frustrating. My goal is to make the transition to remote learning as stress free as possible. As of this post I will be assigning review activities through IXL.

I would like to be ready if this changes so I am continuing my learning also. I am currently working on the development of the I-learn class we have used previously for assessment only. I think this will link to the current google classroom we have in place. I am just discovering the power of the tool so stay tuned for more information. This may be a way to turn in assignments, watch videos, create videos and more.

I am here for you please continue to reach out through email for now.

Chromebook Distribution

I hope everyone is healthy and safe! The first day of chromebook distribution at Stout Middle School went very smoothly. I hope everyone in need of a Chromebook to complete their Remote Online Learning was able to pick it up today in the drive thru service or plan to tomorrow morning.

Math Students those of you working on the IXL x.1-x.6 keep up the good work! I am extending the due date for these assignments till 3/27. This will give students time to work out any kinks they are experiencing with the transition to Remote Online Learning. Please do your I-ready minutes weekly for as long as we are out of the classroom. I will continue to grade these weekly.

Science Students I have extended the due date on the virtual lab. Organism C & D have been added to the slideshow as well as some clarification of how to complete the assignment. Continue to check your email and this blog for updates about due dates, new assignments, how to turn in assignments and general information. I am working hard to make this time as stress free for you as possible. I am here for you. Let me know how I can help! Keep the emails coming. Stay safe and healthy.


You should have received at least one email from me today. Unfortunately the Email about the I-Ready and IXL was only intended for my math class.

I just sent out an email about the expectation for science this week. I have received several emails saying they can not find the post. You may have to scroll back to Monday. I have included it on the slide show posted on google classroom titled Virtual Lab. You must have adobe player to run the lab. If the link does not work use the slide show but try the link first!

A call went out about Chromebooks being loaned to students during this time. More details when they are shared with me.

Stay safe and keep checking your email and my blog!

Math Students

IXL x.1 to x.6 are due by friday!

Continue to work on I-ready for your assigned minutes, this week in addition to the minutes completed you must also have a passing rate of 70% for those minutes to count. I would suggest that you really watch the videos and use paper and pencil to work out the problems.

Science Students

Please work on any late or missing work. You have what you need on google classroom. Depending on the directive from the Board office, we may have to suspend the current unit and move to the next one that lends itself more easily to virtual learning. Stay tuned for details as I receive them I will pass them on to you.

Math Students

As of this post we have not received any directives about virtual learning. Students should continue to work on the assigned IXL assignments (x.1-x.6).

Any late or missing assignments should be completed and wait for the directive on how to turn in your assignments. Please continue to complete the regular 30-60 min of I-Ready depending upon your plan.

Google classroom is always a good source for materials if you do not have what you need at home.

School Closing Information-UPDATE

All Dearborn Public Schools will be closed for students effective immediately, March 13, 2020. This is a result of Governor Whitmer’s order to close all K-12 school buildings, public, private, and boarding, starting Monday, March 16 until Sunday, April 5. 

Dearborn Public Schools spring break will take place from Monday, April 6 through Friday, April 10. Students will return to school on Monday, April 13, 2020.

Students may report on Friday, March 13, 2020 at the normal start time to pick up their belongings and school supplies.  

Math Spiral Notebooks

As we begin sixth grade the transition from elementary to middle school can seem overwhelming. To help students get organized:

  • I have set up a google classroom. ( class code ollkaut)
  • All of my math students used class time to sign up.
  • It is important to be able to access the information in their notebooks.
  • Students need to open the slide shows and complete work when absent
  • Bellwork is kept in the back of their notebook .
    • each entry should be dated
    • the question or problems should be included
    • it should include any work needed to solve the problem
    • the correct answer
  • Classwork is kept in the front of the notebook.
    • each entry should be dated.
    • all work related to their instructional book.
    • class notes
  • Students should check googleclassroom to make sure their notebooks are up to date.

Bellwork quiz

The first bellwork and notebook quiz retake was sent home to be signed. I have not received them all back. Ask your student to show it to you if you have not already seen it.

The second bellwork quiz will be returned tomorrow and the third one will be given in class on Friday. Have your student check google classroom to update their notebooks.

Science Syllabus

If you were unable to attend open house the Science syllabus was passed out in class today. You need to review it with your parents and bring back the bottom of the second page. It is also posted on Google Classroom if you were absent or can not find the first one given to you.

Math Homework

This week we are working on our summer learning and IXL in class. In addition we started discussing the 8 Mathematical Practices. If you did not complete math practice three in class you need to go to google classroom to find the slide show a copy it in to your notebook.

Science Tests Have Been Graded

Check student connect for your grade on the science test.  I still have several students who were absent and have not taken the test.  The test will be sent home for a signature as soon as all of the students have taken the test.   If you are not happy with your grade check google classroom to see what you must do to be eligible for a retake.