Math Spiral Notebooks

As we begin sixth grade the transition from elementary to middle school can seem overwhelming. To help students get organized:

  • I have set up a google classroom. ( class code ollkaut)
  • All of my math students used class time to sign up.
  • It is important to be able to access the information in their notebooks.
  • Students need to open the slide shows and complete work when absent
  • Bellwork is kept in the back of their notebook .
    • each entry should be dated
    • the question or problems should be included
    • it should include any work needed to solve the problem
    • the correct answer
  • Classwork is kept in the front of the notebook.
    • each entry should be dated.
    • all work related to their instructional book.
    • class notes
  • Students should check googleclassroom to make sure their notebooks are up to date.

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