Live Meets are back!

The new platform for live meets is BIG BLUE BUTTON all students access this through the ILEARN course for each subject. This weekend all of my math students were enrolled in a course titled “Distelrath Sixth Grade Math-2020 Remote Learning. All of the science students are already enrolled in a course called Distelrath 6th grade Science 2019-2020.

I-Learn can be accessed through the student portal on the district’s home page. Once in I learn in the upper left part of the page click on my classes for a drop down menu, then select the right course to join the class. Once in I learn click on the Big Blue Button at the top of the page under annouceements.

A new schedule is attached in the link below. We will be following the student’s schedule with live meets on Monday and Wednesday for my Math students and Tuesday Live meets for Science.

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