This Week in Review

In Science we worked on completing Layers of the atmosphere foldable, and Layers of the atmosphere grid, and “The Amazing Atmosphere” worksheet.  As well as our diagrams of the water cycle.

 Today the students were given a paper copy of the study guide for their test on cloud formation, Atmosphere, and the water cycle.  Everything students need to be successful on this test is in google classroom.  THE TEST IS MONDAY!!!!!!!   Many students have asked what they can do to bring their grade up in science.  Since this test is a summative  grade they need to do well in order to pass science.  There will be NO RETAKES or  CORRECTIONS before the end of the semester.

Student Goal Setting Worksheet was sent home with first and second hour.  It has their fall and winter test scores.  Have a conversation with your child about working toward their goal and what they need to do to reach their goal by spring.  Please have your child fill out this worksheet sign and date it and return it to school.  Third and Fourth hour sheets have been printed and will be sent home Monday.

Monday students who did not finish the NWEA test for Science will be given time 7th hour. 

In Math this week we started the pilot of the second math series this year.   The subject the students explored this week was Exponents. They have problem solving and practice sheets for homework daily. 

Monday they will be taking the NWEA test for Math!

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