This week in review

This week in science we took the NWEA winter session test.  Many students finished but a few will hopefully finish on Tuesday. I will be sending home reports again to have signed and returned.  We also worked on The Water Cycle unit.  We started our unit before break with a simulation exercise. The students assumed the role of a water molecule and traveled from station to station depending on what they rolled on the die at that station.  They kept a log of where they began and what happened to them as they traveled through the water cycle.  They then created a picture of their travels.  A test on the water cycle is coming soon.

In Math this week we worked on scientific notation and exponents and finished our ratio, proportion and rate work in IXL.   A bellwork quiz was given and has been graded and entered into the gradebook.  The students had no homework this week in hopes of them completing missing work.  Unfortunately I had very few students turn in any missing work. Please check parent connect and speak to your child about completing assignments.   Many students could use this time over the long weekend to complete some assignments.   The end of the card marking is rapidly approaching.

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