Week in Review


The students took a cognitive notebook quiz this week.  We are on page 17.  Many students did not have what they needed for class today.  Please make sure your students notebook is up to date. We are working on Refine, Revise, and Reflect strategy for our anchor phenomenon the balloon in the freezer.  We spent quite a bit of class time refining our diagrams on page 14 of the cognitive notebook.  Since the quiz and having the class log on to google classroom two days last week, many students have decided to start their notebook over.  Unfortunately they did not bring what they needed for class today.  It is important that they have pages 14-17 completed and their notebooks in class tomorrow.  If they go to google classroom they can rewatch the view from class(Shrink a Balloon page 17/slide 34)  and (the hot and cold experiment page 16 /slide 27) from last week located in the Thermal Energy Slide Show.  Make sure to select present under the view option at the top to activate the links for the views.  Then just go to the slide and click on the picture to view the video.


A bellwork quiz was given and is now graded.  Also the slide show for the first section of of the new text book has been added to Google classroom.  Students need to be bringing a binder , ISN, Bell work notebook, Core Connections toolkit, and their homework to class every day.  Their are many students who could benefit from Tuesday and Thursday after school help.   10/26 is the last day to turn in late or missing work for this card marking.  All  Bellwork quizzes should be 100%.  Retakes are available on tuesday and Thursday this week.  All work from the dates of the quizzes must be completed first.

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