NGSS Storylines at McUnis

Fifth-grade students at McCollough Unis school spent the last semester working through an NGSS Storyline focused on the question “Why do dead things disappear?” Their hard work and ingenuity produced endless questions and experimental inquiries that created a classroom full of scientific thinkers. Below you will find a snippet of their progress, but their efforts and learning span far beyond the images. Bravo to Ms. Harb’s 5th Grade!!!

STEAM Week Finale!

Wow!  What a great week!  Look at all of the exciting STEAM things going on around the district! Whitmore-Bolles Elementary Whitmore-Bolles held a STEAM Night, where parents and other visitors came to see the students’ projects. William Ford Elementary DuVall Elementary Howard Elementary Salina Elementary Salina Elementary held their STEAM Expo from 1-3 on Friday, and it was a packed house!  Each classroom had something to share!

STEAM in Action

Here is a perfect example of what STEAM looks like in real life!  Meet Caine, a 9-year-old boy with a vision and the grit to make it happen!

More District STEAM Projects!

As we move through STEAM Week, students across the district continue to show off their STEAM projects! Oakman Elementary In Ms. Elward’s class at Oakman, these students designed a robotic hand.  They included the process in which they used to design the hand, as well: My Robotic Hand   Materials: Cardboard box Scissors Pencils Strings colored pencils Ruler      First, I used cardboard, straws, string, ruler, tape, and scissors.  We started off by putting our hand on the cardboard then tracing it with a pencil.  Next thing we did was cut it out.  Then we got straws and started to cut them to pieces.      When we finished cutting, we got some tape and taped three pieces on each finger.  One way we did it was I would tell my partner to hold on to the straw so I could tape it on.  We even got some string so it is like your muscle.  Your muscle helps you move your finger and that’s what it helped us do.      Last, when we were done we cut up some more cardboard.  Then, we wrapped each side and then taped it. Also, we put a ruler at the bottom so we could hold it. When we finished taping each end we colored the fingers different colors so that we know what finger we need. For example, I painted my pointer finger blue, and when I want it then I look at them and pull it.      In conclusion, those were all the steps on how I made my robotic hand.   Salina Intermediate Over at Salina, they held a STEAM Expo in the Media Center.  Students displayed their final projects and presented to guests. William Ford Elementary At William Ford, Ms. Fernandez’s class is using different materials to create a project.   Please continue to submit your STEAM Week photos on this Google Form!  

Young 5s- Full STEAM Ahead!

I was invited to visit Kandi Mehrhof’s Young 5s classroom at Oakman to see how she gets her students engaged in the engineering process at a young age.  Each morning, students choose a tub of materials with which to design and build a structure.  The only goal is for them to work together.  There is only one project allowed per table, so students must collaborate to build their structure.  Excellent job, Mrs. Mehrhof!

STEAM Week at River Oaks

Happy STEAM Week! As STEAM week begins, we will be showcasing some events happening around the district.  If you would like someone to come cover your event, please fill out this form.   STEAM at River Oaks Check out what River Oaks is doing for STEAM!  Thank you to Jo Zechar for your submission! Young 5: We learned about viscosity and buoyancy – sinking and floating,  what has the tightest molecules: oil or water, and making waves- by making our own Mindfulness Jars.  We had fun making them and even more fun watching the things we put in sink or float. It was hectic making them but very peaceful and relaxing to operate them- quiet time!!!!!!! When we have time at the end of a lesson we bring out the transparent color shapes.  The students like creating ‘things’ with them and putting one on top of the other to see what colors they can make. Kindergarten:   We learned about hand and eye coordination by making old fashioned ball in the cup games.  It took practice, but we got the hang of it.  Students design the outer covering of their game to make it their own creation. They wanted immediate success but with perseverance it paid off and they found that patience and stamina played a part. First Grade:   We had a blast learning about fat molecules and soap and how they react- they chase each other down and make really cool designs explode in milk when they try to connect.  Whole milk has way more fat so it makes the best explosions. Second Grade:   We used recycled CD’s to make the base for a spinning top.  They designed a circle to put on the top of the CD and then used an old marker cap and a marble to complete the top.  They had a ton of fun spinning them and came up with several ways to spin them and measure competition- which spin lasts the longest, finger spin or drop spin, which was the coolest design spinning or static, which one traveled the farthest while spinning, which one stayed in the smallest area, etc. Third Grade:   We made tri-fold dioramas to show off classroom learning of Native Americans, Early Settlers and their environments using a variety of materials to replicate their housing, their crops, and their use of natural resources. We also made arcade games out of recycled materials under the influence of the Caine’s Arcade video .  We worked in groups, made a plan and revised it, brought in and shared materials, made the game, played the game, tweaked the game, made revisions AGAIN, argued about best solutions, came to a group agreement and carried on!  We are planning on having younger students come to our arcade as soon as the final logistics get worked out.   Fourth Grade:   We thought about what it would be like to escape from the surface of the earth, similar to rockets and space missions.  So……

We Want YOU! 5 Days!!

So what are YOU doing for STEAM Week?  We’d love to come take pictures or videos to share!  Fill out our STEAM Week form to schedule a visit by a district representative!

STEAM Resources

Good morning!  Please click on the following link to access the STEAM resources in the district Google Drive.