Trillion Dollar Footprint

The first link below includes the directions to the Trillion Dollar Footprint Activity and Linda’s profile. The second link includes Jason’s profile.

Directions and Linda’s profile –

Jason’s profile –

Feedback form- 

Make a copy of the following document before filling it out.

Steps to make a copy:
1. Select “file” on the top left hand side of the document
2. Then select “Make a copy”.
3. When you are done filling it out, submit the shareable link below.

Resume Writing

Sample Resumes –

Tips for Writing a Resume Video –

Resume outlining

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge to write a resume, I would like you to spend what remains of class drafting/outlining your resume.

Your outline should include:
– Your name, address, number and email
– Education

Depending on your job, you may want to include:
– Objective
– Related experiences
– Extracurriculars
– Hobbies
– Etc…..