Welcome to Mrs. Al Raishouni’s keyboarding class!

I am very excited to be working with you this semester on developing a very essential computer skill, touch typing, or keyboarding as it is called today. Below you will find my class syllabus. You will be expected to sign the hard copy of the syllabus I give you the first week of class.

Let’s get to work and have some fun!

6th Grade Keyboarding 
Mrs. Al Raishouni
Lowrey Middle School

Class Descriptions: This class introduces students to techniques that will allow them to progress past pecking at the keys. In addition, students will complete assignments that involve typing, such as writing a letter, writing a story, doing research, filling in tables, etc. Students will gain familiarity with the order of the keys and practice typing for speed and accuracy through keyboarding applications, such as and, and apply these skills to class assignments.

Required Materials: 
– At least 2 sharpened pencils                                                                                      – Folder                                                                                                                              – Loose leaf paper or a notebook                                                                                – School Planner

– Disinfectant Wipes (ex. Clorox wipes or Lysol Wipes)

Classroom rules/expectations:
– Follow the 5P’s
1. Prompt: Be in your seat and ready to start class on time.
2. Procedural: Follow directions the first time they are given
3. Prepared/Productive: Bring all materials to class
4. Polite: Raise your hand and wait t be called on before speaking
5. Positive: Respect yourself, your school, your fellow students and everyone’s property.
– When using the computers, follow the DPS Technology Acceptable Use Policy
– When using the computers, visit websites only allowed by the teacher                 – Before you leave, push in your chair and place your keyboard and mouse below your monitor.                                                                                                        – Log off, DO NOT SHUT DOWN, the computer before you leave.                            – Take all your personal belongings with you when dismissed from class

Contact Information

– School: 313-827-1800
– Email:

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