Bryant Natural Wonders Courtyard

Bryant Middle School

Getting Underway


So much more happens in the Courtyard in spring!

Teachers are scheduling their classes for Courtyard time via the “Courtyard Usage Schedule” provided by Mrs.  Mark.

This week, Mrs. Doner’s 8th grade enrichment class got to work! The Courtyard looks markedly different since they were out there raking and cleaning in and around the pond and pea gravel.  The students are eager to be outside and are asking when they can come out with their class!   Thank you for your enthusiasm and hard work!



Mr. Brown’s Algebra 1 students were in the Courtyard measuring an undeveloped area. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds when you consider you need to subtract the circumference of the tree and also subtract the area of a rectangular grate. Six groups of students took measurements. I wonder if they all got the same results?





Mrs. Tozzi, the person responsible for changing the courtyard area from a jumbled mess to the manicured area that it is today, has been awarded a sum of money from the PTA for supplies.  There are plans for adding pea gravel to the area around the pond, wood chips around the trees and bulbs for flowers in the central garden.

Mrs. Tozzi feels strongly about keeping the overgrown area of the Courtyard in its more natural state. She has multiple reasons for this including attracting more wildlife and making science lessons more readily available.

To encourage classroom use of the Courtyard, Ms. Kelly Murphy, has offered the following link for a number of fun and interesting activities.


Have a wonderful spring break!


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