Application of the Scientific Method

Students are expected to read their class notes about the scientific method a few times to be better prepared to tackle the task at-hand on Monday, as well as be able to apply this systematic approach later on this week, when a two-day assignment will be given as homework. This assignment will be considered as a summative evaluation grade, since it will encompass what you’ve learned and practiced in class this coming week.

For those individuals who have scheduled a density retake test on Tuesday during lunch at 10:20, do not forget to review this weekend your class notes and the problems on how to solve for density, mass, or volume. Also, you will have the option to eat as you work on your retake, since the test should not last more than 25 minutes.

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Density Test: Problem-Solving (Story Problems)

Students will be evaluated on their scientific and mathematical skills based on their comprehension and application of the processes for determining their learned variables, namely, mass, volume, and density.

Students are expected to read each problem, write down what is given in each problem, and determine what is needed to find out, and then solve each problem, similar to our examples that we have done in class.

Students are highly advised to review their notebooks, since we have done several problems on the board in class.

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Students are to use the following website

to simulate their work on density by determining the mass and volume of five (5) different objects, and then calculate the density of each object. Once the density is determined, each object can be easily figured out whether it floats or sinks. Do remember that this is based on the relationship of the density of an object to the density of water, which we agreed upon to be 1 g/cm³.

Note that you are to use only the water to report your data, but you can try different liquids for your comparison purposes, but those do not need to be turned in; ONLY those that are used with water need to be turned in a table format as it is a summative evaluation (5 column-headings and 5 rows with the collected data).

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Calculating Density!

Students will work in pairs to determine the density of several small regular and irregular objects by measuring the mass and volume of each object.

Note that regular objects require the measurements of the length, width, and height (or thickness) of each object and multiplied by each other, in contrast to irregular objects that require the process of water displacement, whereby the initial water level is read and recorded, and the object is then gently lowered into the measuring tool such as a beaker or a graduated cylinder, and the new water level is read and recorded. Then the difference between the initial and final water reading gives us the volume of that irregular object.

To calculate the density of that object, the mass of the object is divided by its volume. The answer for the density of the object needs to be expressed in terms of g/cm3 or g/ml, since the mass of small objects is measured in grams (g), and the volume of small objects is measured in cm3  or ml.

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Reading a Ruler!

For those of you who still unable to read a ruler or a meter stick, see the attachment below!

Reading a Ruler



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O. L. Smith Middle School 2017: Annual Affairs


Join us in solidarity to take a STAND Against Bullying and Cyberbullying!
On 10/2/17 let’s have the entire school-student and faculty—Go Blue and wear a Blue Shirt!!!
Make it the day that bullying prevention is heard around the world. Let’s put an end to racism, hatred, homophobia, digital abuse, bullying and cyberbullying in schools, communities and on your social media pages.
Pay a Dollar to Wear a Blue Shirt and you will receive a cool bracelet that you can wear every day!
Promote Acceptance, Love, Caring and Kindness.


Student Council Application

Student Council Members are students who are elected to serve as leaders at O.L. Smith Middle School in a variety of ways. Once elected to the Student Council, members will meet once a month as a whole council to discuss ideas and opportunities for O.L. Smith.
Student Name:______________________________________
Grade:__________ A Square Teacher:_____________________

I understand that as a Student Council Member I am expected to:
 Be an Upstander at all times and serve as a positive role model
 Complete all class assignments
 Maintain satisfactory grades
 Assist teachers and other students
 Follow school rules
 Honor my commitment to serve as a Student Council Member for the entire school year

I understand that I may be placed on probation or removed for failing to maintain my commitment or acting in a manner that is not consistent with the above expectations. I know that a conference with Mrs. Rivait will be conducted if this becomes necessary. I know I can come to Mrs. Rivait with any questions or problems at any time.
If elected I hereby agree to conduct myself in an appropriate manor as a Student Council Member. I will take an active part in Student Council. I will follow all expectations and rules for being on Student Council.

Select a position you are planning on running for:
 President_____
 Vice President_____
 Secretary_____
 Treasurer_____
 Class Delegate (there will be 2 per grade level)_____

By signing below, I understand that I am agreeing to have my student participate in the student council election. If elected, s/he will attend monthly meetings staring at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesdays. Some months may require more.

A Square Teacher_______________________________________

Essay-Please Explain: (you may attach another piece of paper)
1. Why do you want to be a Student Council Officer or Delegate?
2. What qualities do you have that will make you a successful Student Council Officer/Delegate?
3. What ideas do you have for the Student Council? (Attach everything to your application.)
Please return to Mrs. Rivait in the counseling office by: Friday, September 15th on or before 2:55. *Late Applications will not be accepted!!!

Student Signature_____________________________________
Parent Signature______________________________________
Teacher Signature_____________________________________


We all know how important a strong PTA is to the success of our schools. We are very fortunate to have a very supportive PTA in our District.
Please take a moment to share the attached flyer with your parents, students, and staff.

Please see the flyer below!

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Homework: Study!

Students had an opportunity to review  and/or learn the variables of matter in terms of mass, volume, and density. The task for this evening is to review the class notes so that we can practice on measuring mass and volume and be able to calculate density on Monday.

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Welcome Back, 8th Graders!

I hope that your summer has been a restful and enjoyable one, as we embark on our eighth grade journey to learn and explore new concepts and ideas in the coming months. Meanwhile, if you are planning to come prepared on the first of the school year, here is the suggested list for school supplies for 8th graders that covers ALL of your classes:

  • 2 Boxes of tissues
  • 3 Containers of disinfectant wipes
  • 1 Bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Good Supply of #2 Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Small Stapler
  • White out
  • Red pens (a pack of 5)
  •  Colored Pencils (24)
  • Markers
  • Black pens
  • Highlighters
  • Wide ruled paper
  • 6 single subject spiral notebook
  • Rulers-all graphs much be drawn with a straight edge
  • Crayola Dry Erase Markers/eraser
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • 2 pocket folders with prongs, one for each class (Math, Science, Language Arts, Reading, and Social Studies)
  • Math class: One HEAVY DUTY OR ULTRA DUTY, 1 1/2″ to 2”,  three-ring binder with window pane for cover sheet
  • At least 8 divider tabs for binders
  • Calculator- TI – 30X II S or  Ti 84 or other graphing calculator.  An investment into a good calculator can go a long way!
  • Zippered Pencil pouch
  • For Computer Class:  Auto or lead pencils, a plain folder with prongs and pockets,  A good set of headphones or earbuds and an 8GB (or higher) Thumb Drive
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District Summer Adventure Club/Camp

Good Morning, Everyone.
The Summer Adventure Club/Camp video is posted on the District communications blog and can be shared to promote the camp along with the flier online.  You can click to link the flier or the video from the communications blog here:
We appreciate your sharing this information.
Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable summer!
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The Solar System Take-Home Test Part 2

If  you were absent, print and answer the following MAKE-UP attachment to complete part 2 of your test on the solar system. This will be due on the next school day.

Astronomy Short-Answer Even Test Questions Part 2

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