Monday, June 5

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The last two weeks of school….time flies!! Here is a general outline of the week:

Monday: Finish common assessment, catch up on work, sign up for Summer Learning through Clever. A letter will come home with more information and requirements.

Tuesday: Data collection using vertical jump data from students-wear good jumping shoes! We will use this data to create box and whisker plots, dot plots, and find measures of variation.

Wednesday: Finish jump data assignment

Thursday: Water bottle flip data collection. Bring your best water bottle to flip to collect data.

Friday: Quiz on Mean, Median, Mode and Range.

Over the weekend–Get your ISN ready for the ISN Final exam on Tuesday. Students may use their ISN on the final. Special focus is on vocabulary sections. The final exam will be on the Chromebooks.

Wednesday, May 31

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This Friday will be our last district Common Assessment. Students received a review packet on 5/30, and we checked answers today. If students need more information, please see the following links for the answer sheet.

Students were given a 4×6 notecard today to use on this test. They may write any information that can help them on Friday. This card must be in class on Friday.

Also, this Friday all students will be taking an Algebra readiness test (30 questions, 30 minutes). This test is the first step in identifying students who are ready for advanced math in the fall. More information after the test will go home with students.

Next week we will begin working on a few statistics activities, with a final project due at the end of the year. More information about this will be shared next week.

Final ISN test will be Monday and Tuesday, June 12 and 13. Students will use their ISN for the test.

This year has really gone fast!! I can’t believe tomorrow is June 1.
Rates CA Review P 5

Rates CA Review P4

Rates CA Review P 3

Rates CA Review P 2

Rates CA Review P 1

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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All assignments that are allowed to be posted on the blog are there in two places. On the main page and in the Rates and Ratios Resources tab.

For planning purposes, our end of the year ISN test will be on Tuesday, June 13. This will be an online test. Students WILL BE able to use their ISN for the test. Words Worth Knowing will be the main focus, as well as activities that were completed on various pages. If sstudents do not bring their ISN to class on that day they obviously won’t be able to use it!


Monday, May 22, 2016

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Here is an outline of the week and assignments that are due. The end of the year is quickly approaching, and getting assignments in on time is more important than ever. Please make sure that you keep up with your work and do not fall behind!

Monday-Words Worth Knowing Foldable and Cornell Notes. Both are due on Tuesday, May 23.

Tuesday-Double Number Line activity. This will be a group activity and will also be a summative grade.

Wednesday- Notes on conversion tables with gallons, quarts, pints, cups, ounces.

Thursday- Walking field trip to Greenfield Village.

Have a great week!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

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Here is a link for the task cards students worked on today. There is also a link for the worksheet if students have lost their copy.
Double Number Lines 5

Double Number Lines 4

Some did not finish in class and the assignment is due tomorrow.

The quiz will focus on fraction/decimal/percent questions as well as double number line questions.

This will be the first quiz of the last marking period.
Double Number Line Task Cards (1)

Friday, May 12, 2017

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Friday’s comic strip assignment is due on Monday, May 15. Most students just need to color-they had 45 minutes in class to work today.
(Information is also on Google Classroom)
Here are the requirements:

Comic Book Assignment

For this summative assignment, you must have the following parts for full credit(20 points):
1. 6 squares of comic.(4 points)
2. Conversation bubbles for each square.(4 points)
3. Each comic square colored.(4 points)
4. Topic should be about anything in your ISN.(4 points)
5. Neatness is important. (4 points)

On time assignments (due May 15) will be able to earn full credit. You will be able to work on this during class.

Here is a student example that is unfinished.
Comic Strip Example

Monday, April 24, 2016

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The week at a glance:

Monday: Review of probalility…foldable, practice questions, and 5th grade x4, x5, and challenge x6.

Below are examples of foldables from a few students. Please don’t copy the foldable-it should be in your own words.

Tuesday-We will be attending Aladdin, so our schedule will be shorter in the afternoon. We will be checking homework(foldable) and finishing our quick review with probability.

Wednesday-Back to rates. We will be working with what is the best buy for your money. There will be a quiz on Friday.

Thursday-Continue with rates and finding the best buy.

Friday-Quiz on finding the best buy. We will also be reviewing mean, median and mode.

NWEA test next Wednesday, and M-Step testing should begin the week of May 8.

Have a great week!

Probability Foldable Example 1

Probability Foldable Example 2

Monday, April 10

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Welcome back! We hope that everyone had a relaxing break from school. Here is a glance at the week ahead:

Monday: Google Classroom assignment with Cornell Notes. The notes are due Tuesday. We will work on questions in class Tuesday, and the summary later in the week. We are also reviewing multiplying decimals this week during our SLOT time.

This week’s IXL assignments are R1 and R2 in 6th grade. These are due on Thursday because of the short week.

Tuesday: Continuing with ratios. ISN pages and activity.

Wednesday: Continuing with ratios again today. Today is a late start day as well.

Thursday: Ratios and ratio tables, using ratios in real life applications. Some students will be gone for the afternoon-please check before leaving for any homework that you will need to finish.

That’s it for the short week!

Monday, March 27, 2016

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Here is an update for the week:

Monday: Begin a review of adding and subtracting decimals, finishing the equations and inequalities district common assessment.

Tuesday: Foldables for all four operations with decimals, task cards, begin ratios and proportions unit.

Wednesday: More operations with decimals, continue ratios and proportions introduction. Fruit Loop activity.

Thursday: Review for quiz Friday on adding and subtracting decimals, Bingo activity for review. Ratio introduction continues

Friday: Abbreviated schedule due to Spirit Day activities in the afternoon. QUIZ on adding and subtracting decimals.

Have a great spring vacation!!