Job Applications and reminders

Good Evening,

Students will be coming home with a job Application on Monday or Tuesday of this week. We will go over it all in school but they may need help reading it and you may have to explain anything they are unclear of. They are to do the writing on the application themselves. It is due on Thursday the 19th.

Picture Day is Tuesday the 17th 🙂

Skate Night is October Wednesday, October 18th

If you have not returned your field trip form please do so. They were due last Friday. If you need another please write me a note on their behavior log. Also, If you signed up to chaperone but did not send in 10$ for yourself please do so as soon as you can.

This week we will be wrapping up our first social studies unit as well as sound in science. There will be a social studies test this week. We will review in class.


Reminder and unclaimed book order

Just a reminder that field trip forms are due tomorrow. The cost to chaperone is the same as the student cost.

I sent book orders home earlier this week except for a 3 pack of Pigeon books because there is no name on it. If your child sent in a cut out of the the books with money can you write me a note. When I asked the class about it, no one seemed to think they were theirs. :O

Great Job Reading this Week!

Wow, I’m so impressed with how much reading room 29 kids did! They did an awesome job filling out their reading log as well. Don’t forget to return your Entertainment Books and/or order forms.

Picture Day is October 17 and  Skate Night is October 18.

Depending on reading level, your child may come home with written reading homework to practice comprehension of his/her story.

Library check out is on Tuesday so make sure their library book is in their back pack on Tuesday.

Have a wonderful weekend!

From Our Principal

Dear Snow Families,

Snow School is launching a Read at Home Plan.  With our new Book Room, every Snow student will go home with “Good Fit” Books daily! “Good fit” books are books that are not too hard and not too easy.  The expectation is that students improve their reading skills and develop a love for reading.


Snow School Read at Home Plan


  • Reading Book Bags will go home daily with “Good Fit” Books
  • Students must read daily:
  • Grades (K-1) 15+ minutes daily
  • Grades (2-5) 30+ minutes daily
  • Reading Logs- Signed daily by parents and   checked by teachers.
  • MobyMax (Students can login through CLEVER on Dearborn Schools home page.  Please contact Mrs. Bush for assistance if needed.



Happy Friday!

Students ended today with our first LEADER IN ME assembly. As a class we wrote our mission statements and a few of our students read it to the entire school!  Also this week we put together our Leader In Me/data binders.  They have set NWEA Goals and wrote 3 things they can do to help themselves meet that goal. They also wrote a personal goal and the steps to take to meet that goal. They’ve set a spelling test goal and graphed their last two tests. Next week we will work on setting math test goals and graphing them as well as DRA Level reading goals.  Reading log has been sent home on the back of the behavior log, they are to fill out the date,  title of the book, and minutes read. You just have to check it and initial or sign the behavior side. I may be redesigning the behavior log so that it lasts longer because of the size of the reading log. Stay tuned….

We will begin checking books out this Tuesday in the Library.

I will be placing the book order on October 1st as our class will be receiving free classroom books if I wait until then.

Spelling words are posted on Friday under Spelling on the home page of my blog if you want to get started early with them.

It would be helpful if you could help them keep the “keep at home” side cleaned out once or twice a week so that organization is easier for them.

We will begin a new math unit next week. They have been writing a personal narrative and the goal is to publish it by the end of the week.

We have reserved the Detroit Science Center on November 2nd for our first field trip. A permission slip will be going home sometime in the next week or week and a half.

Weekend homework: practice tying shoes

Have a relaxing Weekend!

Important Notes….

Dear Families,

Today was a difficult day as I received 4 envelopes for four families that will be joining our new first grade teacher, Mrs. Massey in room 9 on Monday. I’m really sad to see you go but am happy that you will be in good hands and that she is getting some very special kids. Please check your child’s folder for an envelope addressed to you.

Thank you for sending in toilet paper rolls. Your scientists experimented with 3 types of coverings; foil, wax paper, and plastic wrap to see which one made the loudest sound. The majority of students predicted foil and it did indeed make the loudest noise. They felt the vibration of the foil and brought them home for your entertainment ;). Next week we will continue to explore sound and vibrations.

They brought home their behavior log and I explained to them it was their responsibility to bring it to you and get it signed. Green Day: great day— Yellow: warning—— Orange: still trying to make good choices—-   Red-had a difficult day. Students are allowed to earn their way back to green.

Stay Cool this Weekend,

Mrs. Kearney

Welcome to First Grade!

I’d like to say thank you for visiting yesterday. I enjoyed meeting all of you and your extended family members.

This week we took our fall math and reading NWEA tests. Everyone did not finish them so we have a few students who will continue it next week. Next week I will continue to DRA students so that I know their reading level. Book bags will start to go home next Thursday and Friday and throughout the following week.  This year our reading coach has formatted a reading log that the students fill out indicating how many minutes they read and the title of the book they read. I will do a practice one with them and they may need help at home, showing them what to write where.  Don’t let them try to tell you it’s your job to fill it out. They have to do it.

Next Friday I will be sending home a behavior log where they will be recording their behavior.This is also where we can communicate. I am asking that you initial or sign it so I know you checked their behavior or have read a note I may have jotted down. Students will get a daily sticker if they turn in homework for that day and have the log signed by you. If all 5 days have a sticker on it they get a little treat on Friday. I will be telling them that they can’t say “my mom forgot to sign it” as I do let them know it’s their responsibility to have you do it.

Here is their specials schedule:

Monday-enrichment and music

Tuesday-physical education [Mr. Moyer doesn’t like when we call it gym 😉 ]




Have a Great Weekend!