Our class was very generous and brought in enough cans for us to win the Can the Principal contest.  We will be celebrate by having a pizza and ice cream party tomorrow during lunch.  Please do not send in a lunch with our child unless they do not like pizza.  Thank you all for helping us help our neighbors in need.  75 families will be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with all of the donations made by our Miller students.  That is awesome!  Congratulations to everyone that participated.


We had many of our classmates earn special awards during our Core Value Assembly this week.  Congratulations to all of the winners!  We are all very proud of you.  🙂

I have added many more pictures to our Pictures page for you to see all of our lucky winners getting their awards.

Thank You!

I would like to thank all of of the families that sent in canned food with their children this week.  The students are very excited to see our donation pile get larger and larger.  It is a wonderful way for them to help our neighbors in need and they are very proud of themselves!  We will continue taking donations until Friday, November 17th.  Thank you for your support!