Spelling Words

During our school closure, please have your children study their spelling words throughout the week on the website Spelling City.  The site has many fun games for the children to play while they become familiar with the spelling words.  Every Friday, your child should take his/her spelling test on this website.  

Username and password the same ones we use to log onto the Chromebooks at school.  Just click on the blue login button in the top right corner and enter your information.  If you need any help, please contact me.  I am happy to help. 🙂


Spelling Words for the week of 6-5-20

Spelling Skill: –double consonants

Spelling Words:   bill, fill, litter, ladder, add, pass, mitt, mess, lesson, butter



Your child should study their words at home every day to practice the skill we are focusing on for the week.  They will also be tested on 2 “mystery words” that also follow the weekly skill.

Our next test will be on Friday,  March 13th.

Spelling Skill:  CVCe words

Spelling Words:  make, take, name, game, page, race, their, sleep, wash, before

Modified List: make, take, name, game, sleep

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