Parent University

Every Friday from Now until November 10th there is a class for parents and their child ( ages from birth to 4 years old) at Cotter school. The class is from 9:00-10:00. When you attend you and your child will receive resources and books. This a a great bonding time for you and your child and will give you ideas to use at home to help your child build skills to be successful later in school. It is NEVER too early to help your child succeed. It will be a fun time. Remember Cotter school is the building that shares out parking lot here at Miller. 

Mark you calendar for 

October 13    9:00-10:00

October 20    9:00-10:00

October 27    9:00-10:00

November 3    9:00-10:00

November 10   9:00-10:00

Location — Cotter school 

PTA Meeting Tomorrow, Oct. 12!!!

Tomorrow is an important PTA meeting to discuss anti-bullying.  The meeting begins promptly at 9:00.  After the meeting there will be an Open House where you will be able to walk through the building and watch the children learn.  Please respect the learning environment and do not talk to the teacher or the children while they are working.   I hope everyone will be able to attend.

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Miller School Bully Free Zone SHIRTS!!!

Mr. Awada bought a bully free zone shirt for every child at Miller school.  We are asking that every child wear their shirt to school on THURSDAY, Oct. 12th!!  Wearing our shirts is our commitment that we will NOT be a bully and we will be an upstander for those people who are being bullied.  Please make sure you have your child wear their new shirt on Friday!

Good Choices Award

At the end of the month, Oct. 27th, those students who made good choices in the month of October will get to participate in a petting farm and pumpkin patch.  This is our PBIS reward.  If your child stays on green or higher for the month he or she will get to participate.  They must NOT flip their card more than 4 times this month.  If they flip their card to yellow, orange, red or blue, more than 4 times for making poor choices, then they will not be allowed to participate in the petting farm and pumpkin patch.  Please remind your child daily to make good choices for themselves and their learning!  Remember you can monitor their PBIS color by looking at their calendar daily.  If they had to flip their card I will color it and write a short message on the back to give you a talking point to have with your child.

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Weekly News Oct. 9-13

Hello Kindergarten Families!

Happy 6th week of kindergarten! We are looking forward to another beautiful week in Miller’s Kindergarten!

We are now asking that parents drop off their children in the front of the building instead of walking them down to the room. This is part of teaching them to become more independant.

FRIDAY, October 13th is a half day of school. Students will be released at 11:45.

Upcoming Events:    Picture Day: Monday, October 16th.

Please be sure to check your child’s backpack everyday as well as empty out any old papers. We are also encouraging ALL families to sign up for the classroom blogs. If you have not, all that is needed is your email. It is greatly appreciated that you add a little comment to the blog postings after reading them. Thank you!!!

Please remember to put the items your child brings home in their reading and math bags back into the bags when you are done using them. The children are bringing home books and sight word cards to practice. Please help your child be responsible with these learning tools. These bags contain homework items for your child. Please work with these items for 20 minutes each day.

Letters:  Please help your child to recognize and write the following letters this week: Ss and Nn

In addition, please help your child practice writing his/her first name. Please be sure there are no backwards letters and that only the first letter is uppercase. The rest of the name should be lowercase. Recognizing and writing names are very important and will be practiced every day!

           Ex.          Yousef   not…YOUSEF  or yousef.  

Reading: This week we will continue to ask and answer questions about key details in a text.  Encourage your child to use complete sentences when speaking allowing them opportunities to use these questions words: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. The children will also begin working on blending sounds to read a word. (ex. c-a-t blended reads cat) We are still practicing our independent Daily 5 time with Read to Self, Work on Writing, and Word Work. Please encourage your child to read their sight words and books from their reading bags each day! Please practice the following sight words: (These are words your child needs to recognize and read by sight.)

                  Review: the it we                       NEW words this week will be: here  in  look

Math: We will continue to practice recognizing and writing numbers 0-20 as well as representing the quantity the number represents. We will also continue to practice counting to 100 by 1’s and 10’s.

Science: We will continue using our 5 senses to investigate trees. This week we will focus the needs of trees which are WATER, SOIL, SUN, SPACE, and AIR.

Social Studies:  We will continue a unit called “How to Get Along with Others”. This week we will continue to discuss a classroom issue and brainstorm ways we can work together to solve the problem together.

Writing: We will continue to write to tell a personal story with a focus on the 6+1 Writing Trait called Ideas. This is called a personal narrative. The children will write using detailed drawings as well as their ability to tell us about their story.

Thank you for all you do!