May 4

Week of May 4th

Good morning!

We have only 30 days of online learning left! That’s 6 weeks of learning. I need everyone to try their hardest and make these last few weeks count.


  • You are required to do 45 minutes of iReady a week. That should equal to about 2 lessons a week. We are aiming to pass them at 80% or more.
  • You also need to complete your Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies assignments on Google Classroom.

The weather is going to be decent this week. Take the opportunity to walk or play outside, but remember to practice safe social distancing with your neighbors.

Mr. Awada has emailed out the list of the Students of the Month!

I miss you all!


Mrs. Zastrow

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April 27

Week of April 27th

Good morning!

It’s a beautiful day and promises to be a decent weathered week.

Here’s a few reminders:

  • You must complete at least 45 minutes of iReady a week. When doing this strive to pass your lessons with 80% accuracy. This will give you the greatest growth and prepare you for middle school.
  • Reminder, you will be getting a last report card based on your online learning. So keep up with it all!
  • Refer to our Google Classroom for your math, science, social studies, and writing assignments. Make sure to do the reading assigned for each. For math, watch the attached and linked videos. Always use your own words to answer the questions, trust me, I can tell when you copy an answer from the internet. Plus it doesn’t help you learn, and that’s what we’re trying to do.
  • Keep up with our specials schedule, I am adding it to the bottom of this post. On days we normally would have science enrichment, visit Mrs. Burek’s blog and Google Classroom. Likewise for gym, art, and music.
  • Mrs. Elhaddi’s group can find her at her iBlog at
  • The district has disabled use of Google Meet, so our class will not meet on Wednesday. I do now know when it will be fixed, but for now I am looking at a new platform and will get back to you. I did add a second video on math assignment of myself teaching. Please watch it.
  • The fifth grade team will be emptying your desks for you to pick up your stuff sometime in the coming weeks. Please make sure to bring back any LLI (reading books and reading bags) you may have borrowed. I will need those for next year. I will let you know the exact date.

I know that’s a LOT of information, but remember I love you and miss you, and right now you are safe and healthy. Let me know if you need anything. Have a great week!

Whisper whisper – Mother’s Day is coming up and if you have an idea what we can do as a class, email me!

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April 19

Week 4/20-4/24

Good afternoon!

Students, I emailed you all with an update, it is LONG but I expect you to read it all! The week’s new Google Classroom assignments will show up tomorrow morning.

Parents, I also emailed everyone whose email address I have. If you did not receive it, please email me at There have been a few changes that will take place on Monday until the end of the year.

Stay safe all!

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April 17

New YouTube Channel

Good morning!

A few students asked about my uploaded videos. Bin and I created a NEW YouTube channel. I deleted the old one to try and get this one to work on the school chromebooks (but it might not work on them yet). I put the link on the side bar here:

I will try to update a few videos a week and put them on that page. Hope everyone is safe and warm during this strange snowy day! ❤️

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April 14

Art, Science Enrichment, Mrs. Elhaddi’s Reading Group

Please make sure to check Mrs. Saad and Mrs. Burek’s iBlogs for updates on what you need to do as a 5th grader.

Here are the links for quick access:

Mrs. Burek’s iBlog

Mrs. Saad’s iBlog

If you need to rejoin Mrs. Saad’s Google classroom, the code is: W2v67w7

Also Mrs. Elhaddi is back! Her reading group can access her blog at

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April 12

Week of 4/13-4/17

Good evening!

I want to start with saying I miss you all and I hope everyone had some relaxing and a safe Spring Break. I know you have all heard the news by now, that the school building is closed for the rest of the year. However, that does not mean school is canceled! We will continue to do online learning to help you all grow and prepare for middle school! I will work hard to make sure you are capable of learning online. Remember, you can always reach me at

Please check our Google Classroom for all assignments. I tried a different format to help organize all the information. Please try your best as I work the kinks out of this new way of learning.

I will try to post videos of Bin and I, but it’s getting harder to do 🙂 He is not as patient as he was a few weeks ago. If you have videos of yourselves doing something fun at home, share them with me. I miss all your faces!

I enjoyed the Google Meet up I had with a few students. I will try to organize another not this week, but the following. It will be later in the day, many said they don’t wake up until after noon! They had a few questions for me, and I promise to bring them up to Mr. Awada at our video conference staff meeting. If you have a question you’d like me to ask on your behalf, please email me them before Wednesday.

Stay safe! I love you all.

<3 Mrs. Zastrow

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March 29

Online Assignments for 3/30-4/5

Good afternoon,

I miss everyone and I hope you all are safe and healthy. Attached you will find your assignments for next week. They will not be up and active until tomorrow. Many are still working on last week’s assignments, please remember to TURN IN your work after or I will not know you are done and ready for me to check it.

I called home to everyone last Wednesday, but if I did not get to talk to you, I will try again Wednesday around 10-11. So if you see a blocked/restricted number, it might be me!

Remember to continue doing iReady minutes and getting a 85% pass rate! If you want to video chat with Bin and I, let me know and we can set up a time through Google Hangout.

Love you all!

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