4th Grade All-Stars

SO proud of the 4th grade students who are working so hard every day to complete their online work. Keep up the great work for another 5 weeks!


Ahmad ElrawajihElbgoom
Rayan Elhaj
Mohamedali Derbass
Alex Mackie
Hayat Omar
Kassim Sharif
Abdulqadar Zankanawi


Huda Alsadi
Shahad Alhashemi
Hawraa Alhilal
Hussein Assi
Khaled Azan
Amal Taleb


Seriana Ahmeti
Adam Naimi
Jenna Chalak
Nour Chami
Aya Kdouh
Ibrahim Bahlak
Lamar Khachab
Zaineb Alshabany
Najwa Alnaji
Khaled Alasaadi
Yazen Adil


Noof Abdullah
Ali Aboukhodr
Lamya Ali
Tepa Flayyih
Hussein Mkalled
Sarah Saeed
Zeinab Chehab
Zahraa Elharke


Abbas Youssef
Jana Dabaja
Aya Mochawrab
Ibrahim Alasadi
Ahmad Tarabah
Mariam Aboumourad
Lojain Alfakih
Adam Ismail

Teacher Appreciation Week


Sadly, this year, we can’t shower our teachers with cards, flowers and gifts since we are all at home. But we can shower them with messages, cards, social media posts, videos and recorded voice messages telling them how much they mean to us.

MONDAY~ Send your teacher a picture or card you draw with a message letting him or her know how special she is to you!

Kindergarten Round-up

We are looking for families with children ready for kindergarten next fall.

If your child turns 5 before December 1, 2020 we need to hear from you!

Please respond on this post or email Mrs. Jakubik at jakubid@dearbornschools.org with your child’s name and birthday.

We will be holding Kindergarten Round Up online in May but need to hear from you.

A Few Reminders


We have now completed our first week of the updated learning plan. Many children are attending regularly and keeping up with work. Now that we have entered the season of Ramadan it is important for families to set a schedule for learning in the afternoon. Teachers are available until approximately 4:00 PM so it is important that students try to complete work in the afternoon so they can connect with the teacher for any needed help.


Instruction is delivered through iLearn or google classroom using technology or learning packets.  New learning and review of previous learning is facilitated through the use of Reading Eggs, Exact Path, Zearn, Google Classroom, teacher created lessons, and other online materials. Students without access to technology were loaned a chromebook. Students with no access to the internet will communicate with their teacher and receive feedback on packets and assignments. Instructional time will be a balance of interactive lessons and independent activities.

Attendance and Participation

Parents should be checking Class Dojo EVERYDAY. It is very important that parents/guardians and teachers continue to communicate so teachers are fully aware of the student’s well being and progress.  Students and parents are expected to contact teachers if there are questions about instructional content. Students are expected to attend all google hangout sessions and demonstrate active engagement in the work assigned by the teachers. Completion of assignments and participation in hangouts are used as evidence of attendance.  The continuation of learning continues until June 11th, 2020.

Assessment and Grading Guidelines 

Individual teachers will be responsible for assessing student progress and providing feedback.  Assignments will be graded.  Work completed before April 20th that demonstrates a student’s mastery of learning will count toward his/her grade.

Elementary Assessment and Grading Guidelines 

For this marking period, students will receive feedback on weekly assignments in the form of narrative comments. 

  • 2- Meeting:  regularly submitted work and attended check-ins
    • Accuracy of work assessed on standards/graded
    • High participation
  • 3- Progressing:  Submitted most assignments and attended some of the check-ins
  • 4- Limited Participation:  little or no participation due to circumstances shared with teacher

Please contact your teacher or building principal if you have any questions about this grading procedure or need further information.