Week Ahead – November 11 – 15

Hello families, I hope you enjoyed the beautiful fall weather this weekend! This week we will have two more nights of parent teacher conferences on Tuesday and Thursday. Please remember the hungry as you donate canned goods this week for the November canned food drive. We will also continue our healthy living program this Wednesday. Here’s our focus for the week:

Math – We are learning to measure and estimate liquid volumes and masses of objects.

Reading – We are learning how to determine meaning of unknown words in a text and determine the meaning of literal and nonliteral language.

Social Studies – We will understand the difference between the roles of state and local government by giving examples of each. We will describe the purpose of the Michigan Constitution.

Science – We will plan and carry out fair tests with controlled variables by measuring the distance a cart travels and recording it on a data table.

Writing – We will write opinion pieces and develop our writing through the writing process.