Week Ahead – May 18 – 22

Hello students and families! We will have a class meeting on Wednesday at 1:00 pm. It will be a short week this week because of Memorial Day weekend. There will be no assignments on Friday because there is no “school.” All work should be completed by Thursday. Here is our focus for the week:

Reading: Continue to follow your individual reading path on iReady. Students must complete a minimum of 45 minutes each week.

Writing: We have some fun end of the year writing in Google Classroom to complete this week. Just a few weeks left!

Math: We are learning about fractions and using number bonds to show how parts can make a whole. Continue to follow your path on Zearn after your complete the work in Google Classroom.

Science: We will continue our life science learning by investigating life cycles in a slideshow on Google Classroom.

Social Studies: We have learned about many important happenings in Michigan’s history and now we will practice using a timeline to show the order of events. Check out Google Classroom to find your work.

I miss you all. I can’t wait to see you online on Wednesday!

~Ms. Taleb

Friday May 15 Assignments

Finish ALL missing work. Anything graded with a 0 needs to be complete by Saturday. Grades will be submitted on Saturday and any missing work will result in a “limited progress” grade. You are being graded on Google Classroom assignments, iReady and Zearn!Friday
Reading-i-Ready for 45 mins/weekFollow iReady Path for 20 mins
MathComplete 1 Zearn Lesson 
Special Classes: Visit iblog and Google ClassroomMedia Class code: b3il39d